China-based Lenovo dominates the Russian PC market | Biden News


PC sales have declined globally in the past two quarters due to inflation and rising prices, geopolitical instability and the end of the coronavirus outbreak. But in Russia, there were other reasons behind falling computer sales: big computer brands and component sellers left the country, major brands stopped, and everyone started saving. However, some companies are thriving even amid a 20% year-over-year unit sales decline in 1H 2022. Lenovo seems to be among them.

Lenovo topped the list of computer suppliers with 95,000, more than 3% units sold in 1H 2022 (more than 3%, presumably per year), after formally leaving the Russian market at the beginning of this year, according to analysts from Marvel, a major distributor. of computers and hardware. It was followed by HP with 80,000 units, down 93%. The No.3 was major Russia-based white box manufacturer Aquarius with 61,100 units. The latter achieved a 215% increase in sales, the company says. Traditionally the market was dominated by Dell and HP.


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