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Blackberry: The Mountain King sees players take on the role of a young boy who, along with his big sister, is lost in a magical forest. On their journey, they will meet and interact with gnomes, trolls and other creatures inspired by Nordic lore.

The environments and unique creatures are inspired by nature, fairy tales and fairy tales of the Nordics.

A shy boy and his adventurous, older sister sneak out of their home at night and wander deep into a nearby forest. As they explore an old ancient ruin, the ground suddenly collapses, and they fall down a sinkhole to the lost and magical world of Bramble.

Together, they explore Bramble, and befriend curious and strange spirits. However, not all the creatures they encounter are friendly. The siblings are surprised when a huge troll grabs them. The troll kidnaps the sister, leaving the younger brother lost in despair.

Without his older sister and role model, the shy boy is lost. He must find strength within himself to face all the horror and monsters before him. As he embarks on this journey to reunite with his sister, he also unravels a dark curse that has sickened the world. He soon realizes that something dangerous is lurking in the shadows under the mountains.

During the game you will embark on a journey through the dark world of Bramble, where you will encounter “David vs Goliath” bosses and explore and traverse Nordic nature. You will meet interesting creatures and experience a unique world full of Nordic tales and fairy tales.

Publisher Merge Games and developer Dimfrost Studios have launched a Halloween demo for Blackberry: The Mountain King available to players only on Steam!

Revealed in June as one of the many sinister and hideous creatures lurking behind the veil of darkness in the world of Bramble, players will adventure through the realm of the Näcken in the new demo.

Known as the Dancing Fool, a creature driven by grief, shame and a quest for revenge, the first Bramble Origins trailer explores Näcken’s history.

Giving players a taste of the beast they’ll face in the latest demo, coming in between 40 minutes to 1 hour of gameplay, learn more about the man-turned-monster lurking beneath the dark waters of the forest.

Main Features:

  • Atmospheric environments, advanced graphics and beautifully detailed art
  • Traverse the treacherous land of Bramble on an emotional journey to find your sister
  • Uncover dark secrets and discover the depth of your courage in the face of giants
  • Narrative gameplay with amazing cinematic moments
  • Meet mythical creatures such as Näcken, the Skogsra, trolls, gnomes and more
  • Explore a vast landscape of immense heights and deep depths inspired by Nordic nature

Blackberry: The Mountain King coming to PC (Steam) and console in 2023.

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