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Bayonetta 3 is out now on Nintendo Switch. Just like almost all Switch games, it can also be played on PC using emulators like Ryujinx and Yuzu, which can actually provide an improved experience when it comes to visuals and performance.

There are already three YouTube videos of Bayonetta 3 running at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second, which is a significant jump over the limitation imposed by the Switch hardware. Digital Foundry reported that the game runs at dynamic 810p when docked and dynamic 480p when in handheld mode. The frame rate doesn’t fare any better either, as even at these low resolutions, Bayonetta 3 doesn’t always run at 60 frames per second on a Nintendo Switch.

Unfortunately, even when copying the game on PC, the cutscenes will be locked to 30 frames per second, which is a bit annoying after the 60FPS gameplay. However, this is by far the best way to experience the game, despite the following current limitations noted by Ryujinx developers:

  • Godrays cover the screen in certain places. On Nvidia, use driver version 516.xx/517.xx to avoid this. A fix is ​​being investigated.
  • Texture Recompression is required to avoid running out of VRAM. Enable it if you encounter “out of device memory” crash.
  • Clipping audio can get out of sync. So far no solution.

Bayonetta 3 received a 9 out of 10 rating from Wccftech reviewer Nathan Birch. You can read his full review here; below is the final excerpt.

Bayonetta 3 offers a solid 12-hour campaign with multiple difficulty settings and those elusive Platinums providing tons of replayability. Add in collectibles, cosmetics, unlockable “Phenomenal Relics” bonus missions, and post-game stuff that I won’t go into detail, and you have a game that will keep you locked in action ecstasy for a long time.

It’s the best entry in the series to date, offering an engaging universe-hopping story, bombastic cinematic moments and refined action that’s both accessible and deeper than ever before. The game can feel a little boxed in on the Switch, but Platinum wrings every possible performance out of the hardware. Whether you and Bayonetta have history or not, this is an engagement not to be missed.

In related Bayonetta 3 news, PlatinumGames has been embroiled in a controversy by former Bayonetta voice actress Hellena Taylor, although it appears that the situation is quite different from her original claims.

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