Amazon’s Fallout TV series reveals its first official image | Biden News


The Fallout TV Series (opens in a new tab) announced by Amazon in 2020 began production this year, and now with 2022 fast approaching—and with the 25th anniversary of the original Fallout upon us—we’re finally getting our first look at it.

To be fair, the image shared Twitter (opens in a new tab) from Prime Video there isn’t much to look at: a figure standing in an open archway, silhouetted by the bright backlight of the desert sun. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take anything away from it. First, though, you can see it full size by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner of the image below:

(Image credit: Amazon Studios)

The most obvious is that the people in the foreground of the image are apparently residents of Vault 33. According to the Fallout Fandom Wiki (opens in a new tab), Vault 33 was not explored in Fallout lore: It was only seen before in Bethesda Pinball. Vault numbers below 50 also indicate a West Coast location for the Vault in Amazon’s series.


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