A “big” update to the Xbox PC app is rolling out in the next 2 weeks | Biden News


Microsoft has big plans for the Xbox PC app as it prepares for the release of first-party games for the Xbox and PC next year.

Phil Spencer shared some thoughts on the future of Xbox in a recent podcast hosted by Justine and Jenna Ezarik. He said that Microsoft is aware that gamers are asking for the next big first-party release. Spencer added that the company is excited about 2023 thanks to the release of Starfield and Redfall from its partner studio, Bethesda.

Spencer revealed that Microsoft is doing more work on PC, specifically the Xbox App, where a big update is scheduled to land in a few weeks. Microsoft is investing more and more in cloud gaming so that people can play games wherever they want.

In the long term, Microsoft is thinking about new hardware, new partnerships and new first parties. The company is also thinking about tapping into mobile and seeing what it can do in that part of the demographic.

According to Spencer, Microsoft is considering the current economy and it believes that games should remain a cost-effective way to entertain people.

While Xbox looks like it’s striding into 2022, it looks like it’s actually just ramping up for 2023 with its big first-party releases hitting the market.


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