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Ford has just introduced a new generation of the Ranger small pickup truck, a full eleven years after the previous generation T6 went on sale. It was designed with the global market in mind, as Ford plans to sell the truck in over 180 different countries. It’s not just a minor update either, as nearly every aspect of the truck has been redesigned or updated in some way. The new Ranger is slated to go on sale in select markets in 2022, though Ford has not yet confirmed when the truck will arrive on US shores.

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The Ranger was only reintroduced to the US market for the 2019 model year, so the current-generation truck will likely be on sale for another year or so. This means that the release of the next-generation truck will take place sometime in the fourth quarter of 2022 or early 2023. It will be released in Australia and other markets early next year, although an exact date has yet to be announced. So what exactly makes the new Ranger so much better than the already very powerful outgoing model? Let’s take a look at the eight biggest changes in 2022 and find out.

8/8 New 3.0-liter V6 turbodiesel

The first thing worth noting about the new Ranger is its improved line of powertrains. The main option is a new 3.0-liter turbodiesel V6, to accommodate which Ford engineers had to expand the engine compartment. The exact power output is still unknown, but reports claim that it will be significantly more powerful than the outgoing model.

A version of the 2.3-liter Ford EcoBoost gasoline engine is also available, as well as a number of smaller diesel units. Not every engine variant will be available in every market, and it is not yet clear which markets will offer the most powerful variants.

7/8 Updated exterior design

The T6 Ranger was by no means an outdated truck, but its exterior was about to be updated even as it made its US debut in 2019. Fortunately, the 2022 model has been completely updated in terms of design, using a lot of style. replicas of other pickups in the Ford line.

There are some hints of the F-150, and the similarities to the Maverick are also obvious. But the Ranger still manages to maintain a distinctive look thanks to the C-shaped matrix LED headlights that are the centerpiece of the front fascia.

6/8 The wheelbase has been increased by 50 millimeters

The new Ranger is larger than its predecessor in almost every dimension, but the truck’s occupants will notice the extra length the most. This is because the lengthening of the wheelbase was primarily supposed to give passengers in the back seats more legroom, 50 mm more to be exact.

The goal is to make the Ranger a more viable family truck and improve comfort for large rear-row passengers. Smaller pickup trucks tend to sacrifice rear passenger comfort for maximum cargo space, so it’s nice to see Ford address that issue here.

5/8 A more spacious, practical bed

However, Ford’s focus on Ranger passengers doesn’t mean the truck’s cargo capacity is compromised. In fact, it has been improved: the track has become 50 mm wider for larger loads.

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Ford says the bed is now large enough to hold a sheet of construction plywood or a full-size pallet. There are also built-in running boards behind the truck’s rear wheels for easy access to the bed. There are several additional cargo attachment points compared to the previous model to securely hold the cargo.

4/8 Smart Tailgate

For any car to sell well in 2022, it needs to offer a good level of smart tech features. Ford decided to equip the new Ranger with a smart rear door that can serve as a mobile workbench and also has a built-in ruler.

Also available is 360-degree lighting that can be controlled via an app on the driver’s phone. Inside, there are even more tech updates, as the 2022 truck now features a fully digital instrument cluster and a central touchscreen to control Ranger functions.

3/8 Updated interior

If we talk about the interior, then inside the new Ranger no longer looks like a work truck. It has been completely updated, with a choice of leather and soft-touch materials available as standard. Ford’s goal was reportedly to make the Ranger drive more like an SUV than a commercial vehicle, and by the looks of it, they’ve done a great job.

It’s worth noting that the plushness of existing furniture will likely vary greatly depending on the finish. Although it has yet to be given an official name, Ford has released photos of a much simpler commercial Ranger, which will likely look a lot like the outgoing truck in terms of its interior.

2/8 Additional assistive technologies

The 2022 model year Ranger also aims to make life as easy as possible for all who drive it, and this is done through a range of assistive technologies. All the usual Ford emergency braking and lane assist features are available, but there’s also a 360-degree camera to help park the truck in tight spots.

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This may be less of a concern in large parking lots in the US, but in places like Europe and the UK with tiny parking spaces, the extra cameras will be a lifesaver. To fully support the truck, Ranger will also support full software updates over the air.

1/8 A number of finishing options are available

So far, Ford has released photos of the three main trim levels for the 2022 Ranger, though more are likely to follow. There are XLT, Sport, as well as the Wildtrak off-road configuration. It’s currently unknown which trims will be available in which territory, though only the XLT is currently offered for the 2021 Ranger in the US.

A Raptor Ranger version is also likely, as the original T6 had a Raptor version sold in select markets until this year. It never made it to the US, but with reports that Ford plans to build an entire line of Raptor vehicles in the coming years, the new Ranger Raptor could be introduced and sold in America for the first time.


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