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By Chris Williams: Bob Arum says it’s “unfair” for Terence Crawford to expect Al Haymon’s trainer to give a big loan to his Errol Spence Jr. fight bag because he doesn’t work with him.

Haymon is Spence’s manager/mentor, not Crawford, so it makes no sense for Crawford to expect him to guarantee his money to fight Spence.

Arum feels that’s a big problem as to why the Spence-Crawford fight didn’t happen. Crawford did not have a promoter after leaving Top Rank, which made things more difficult.

Arum thinks that the fight between Spence and Crawford will have a better chance of happening if Terence is still promoted by Top Rank because he has a history of working with PBC from his fights with Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder.

Until Crawford signed with BLK Prime to defend the eight-figure title of the WBO Welterweight belt against David Avanesyan

December 10th, Arum said that Avanesyan had already received his bag. Arum also said that Crawford got part of his bag, which makes him believe that the fight will go ahead.

“My thoughts are I don’t know what happened with the negotiations, but I always doubted that they would lead to a fight because Crawford didn’t have a promoter,” Bob Arum told Fighthype about the failed negotiations between Errol Spence Jr and Terence. Crawford.

“To make such a deal, you have to go with a promoter, who is ready to give a big guarantee on your part. He was treated unfairly [Crawford] look at Al [Haymon] and ask Al to give a big guarantee because Al has nothing to do with him.

“It’s another thing for Spence to give a big guarantee because Spence was Al’s fighter. So that’s a real problem from the get-go going forward with this fight.

“All fighters have unrealistic financial expectations. That’s the nature of the sport. I’m not charged. I’m not paying anything. I tried to make this fight happen, and I want to make this fight happen. Obviously, I want to make this fight happen.

“I thought at times a fight could happen, but hopefully, in the future, this fight will happen.

“Yes, I was surprised by the announcement [of Crawford fighting David Avanesyan on BLK Prime on December 10th]. It came out of left field, but I knew about it before the announcement was made.

“There is nothing wrong here. This is a business. Al realized that the best chance for the fight to happen was if Crawford had not left us, and we would have had a way to get this fight because we had a perfect track record with PBC.

“If Crawford is worth nearly ten million to fight Avanesyan, he should change his name to Jessie James.

“Having the Crawford fight and putting it under their umbrella is one thing. That’s dealing with quality. Enter Adrien Broner signing a headache. At one point, Broner was a good guy, but he was his worst enemy. Maybe they will [BLK Prime] do something to fix that, but for me, I shouldn’t have thought about signing Broner.

“It’s tough [dealing with a fighter like Broner]. It’s generally more trouble than it’s worth.

“I have no idea, I’ve never heard of these guys,” Arum said when asked if he believed there would be a Dec. 10 fight between Crawford and Avanesyan. “But I know some things I can confirm.

“The money paid to Avanesyan has been paid, and it is not change. I don’t want to get into it because it’s not my job, but I know from Frank Warren that every nickel in that contract is in the bank.

“That’s why I believe that a fight will happen because no one in their right mind would collect such money and waste it without a fight. So, I truly believe that this is a sign to fight for.

I heard Crawford got a big share of the bag who was promised, but I do not know that. But I know Avanesyan’s side is done. It’s all paid.

“The guy who’s going to make an interesting fight is not Thurman [for Errol Spence to face next]. Thurman was seen, he did the same. I think the guy who’s going to make a big splash is this Ennis kid.

“I think Ennis is a real talent. I don’t know about the beat, not all. It’s a fight, though. It’s an interesting fight,” said Arum.

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