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Viddal Riley has had his sights set on becoming a world champion since he was 28, but the weightlifter is happy to take the well-trodden, traditional path to the top.

After nearly two years out of the ring, Riley is preparing to make his fourth appearance this year when he takes on Ross McGuigan on the undercard of Natasha Jonas’ victory against Marie Eve Dicare in Manchester at on November 12, live Sky Sports.

Now 6-0 (3) following a first-round stoppage of Jone Volau in June, Riley believes he is well on his way to achieving that goal. However, he knows there is no quick way to the top.

“I’ve always told myself I want to be a world champion by the time I’m 28,” Riley said Sky Sports. “Hopefully, that’s the way it is, but that’s something I’ve said since I was young.

“I feel like I’m on track to do it and I can still do it, but we know how the game is and we take it as it comes.

“You can’t cheat in this game – I know that. There are certain steps you have to fulfill; the team knows it and I know it.

“So, we’re going this way and we’re taking every step to the final destination, which is to finally become a champion in the world.”

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Viddal Riley knocked out Jone Volau with a powerful left punch in the first round of the heavyweight championship.

Assuming he comes to the sixth round this month with McGuigan and another in the winning group, Riley is looking at more fights on similar distances before he increases the number of rounds with the aim of fighting for the title of other categories next year . .

Riley attracted the attention of YouTube star-turned-boxer Jake Paul, who described the Londoner with his massive social media presence as his next enemy when speaking to him. Sky Sports before his victory over MMA icon Anderson Silva.

Riley, who works as a boxing trainer for YouTuber, KSI, is determined not to let anything distract him from his long-held world title, though.

“It’s a privilege to be worthy of mention,” Riley said. “Many people scream and die to be mentioned and even do dumb things to be mentioned.

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Jake Paul said that he would be very interested in winning against KSI by recruiting his former coach Viddal Riley, proving that he can beat them both.

“I’m just living, breathing, and doing what I do, and people want to talk about me. I’m blessed, aren’t I?”

“There are certain things in the game that I have to achieve because I was told from the beginning that I could achieve them.

“It’s more about money than me. You can’t say it’s not about money because no one is punching their face for free, but there is something bigger than this.”

The immediate challenge is to overcome their unbeaten opponents in McGuigan a week on Saturday.

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Viddal Riley gave confidence after knocking out Jone Volau in just 51 seconds and said he promised to put on a show.

And while he doesn’t expect to be stopped as quickly as Volau was, Riley vowed to use every opportunity to finish early.

“You can’t always do 51 seconds, but if the opportunity presents itself like it did in June, then I’ll take it,” Riley said.

“If not, you’re going to win no matter how many rounds are played … and we’re good at doing that, that’s the most important thing.”


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