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The heavyweight division is the most exciting weight class in boxing today.

Compiled by a host of talented fighters, the best of them are set to box against each other in what promises to be an epic series.

In the last few weeks Sky Sports Devin Haney retained his undisputed title against George Kambosos and Shakur Stevenson showed signs of moving up to 135lbs after dismantling Olympic champion Robson Conceicao.

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Shakur Stevenson defeated Robson Conceicao by unanimous decision at the Prudential Center in Newark.

On Sunday morning, from 1 am Sky Sports ArenaFormer champion Vasily Lomachenko is back in action and will look to showcase his unique skills against Jamaine Ortiz at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Elsewhere, although Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia may not fight as high-level opposition as usual, both of them have gifts that will be a threat to anyone in weight.

Top promoter Bob Arum hailed this as a unique era that could rival the greats of the past.

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Devin Haney put on a convincing show, leaving George Kambosos Jr bruised and bleeding at the final bell.

“I’ve never seen so many great fighters in one division since the heyday of ‘Four Kings,’ where we had all these big fights with Marvin Hagler, Tommy Hearns, Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran,” Arum said. . Sky Sports.

“They’ve had unbelievable fights and all of those fights have been fights. I think it’s the same thing in the lightweight division. Because apart from Haney, Lomachenko, Shakur Stevenson, who It’s a very talented fighter, we have Gervonta Davis, who is a great fighter. And Ryan Garcia, who has this huge media following and is a very good fighter. I’m looking for some great fights in this division. “

In a year where the best fights in men’s boxing, such as Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua or Errol Spence vs Terence Crawford, have failed to materialize it is clear that, while it is one thing for heavyweights to have good fighters, it is very important they should really fight. .

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After defeating Robson Conceicao, Shakur Stevenson is targeting the likes of Devin Haney and Vasily Lomachenko for his next fight at 135 pounds.

Arum is convinced, especially with Lomachenko, Haney and Stevenson, this will not be a problem.

“These are guys who want to fight. They’re not looking to squeeze the last dollar out of their championship position, they want to fight and they want to establish themselves for posterity,” Arum said.

“At least the ones I’ve been talking to, obviously Devin, I’ve had conversations with Vasily Lomachenko and Shakur. That’s what they’re talking about.

“I think they will be remembered in history.”

There has been a fair debate now as to which of the new kings will end up on top.

Anthony Crolla is a former heavyweight champion who first learned how good Lomachenko is when he fought him in 2019.

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Sunday October 30th 1:00 am

When watching Lomachenko fight Ortiz this weekend Crolla said to watch out for “his ability to make the fighter miss but not too far, make them miss enough”.

“Footwork is smart,” he added. “Something bad he went home, he was well organized, how did the holiday affect him?

“Some of the questions will be answered on Saturday night.”

Lomachenko may be the best fighter in the division, although it is Devin Haney who is currently ranked number one in the National Boxing Association, an independent system of rating the best fighters in each division. heavy load.

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Devin Haney said he believes he is the best in the world and will take on all the fighters including Vasily Lomachenko and Gervonta Davis.

“You can’t say Haney is number one because he’s the one who beat the guy and beat Kambosos convincingly twice. But do I think he beat Lomachenko? No, I don’t,” Crolla said.

“I think Haney is very brave, I feel like he split Kambosos very well in two different ways and Kambosos is yours to everyone. [Teofimo] Lopez because he still has to go through the fire tonight.”

But the man crowding his ride could only be Shakur Stevenson of Newark.

“I believe it’s about time,” Crolla said. “When the time comes to be the best fit for Shakur Stevenson? Because I believe in Shakur Stevenson we got a special fighter and a future Hall of Famer.

“The way he went about his business recently, I think [Oscar] Valdez’s fight was so impressive that he literally beat him for 12 rounds in each division. I think it’s very clever. I like his behavior where no one called Lomachenko, but he did.

“I would probably tip Lomachenko to beat any of them except the crown prince, and depending on how long this fight takes, Shakur Stevenson could be that guy.”

There is only one way to settle the question. They all have to fight. It has to happen.

Watch Vasily Lomachenko vs Jamaine Ortiz undercard, live on Sky Sports at 1am on Sunday.


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