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Tyson Fury has launched an X-rated tirade on True Geordie after a Youtuber grilled him about his upcoming fight with Derek Chisora. The Gypsy King disagreed with suggestions the fight would be ‘unfair’, calling the podcaster a ‘t*** pot’ and telling him to ‘kiss the b****’.

Fury will face Chisora ​​for the third time in December at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium despite beating his British counterpart twice in the past. The 34-year-old player was rumored to face Anthony Joshua, with the camps of the two players locked in talks for weeks before the talks finally fell apart.

The fight came because of some criticism that many people think that Fury did not give himself a big challenge in choosing Chisora ​​as his opponent. He won their previous matches comfortably in 2011 and 2014 with many expecting a similar result this time around. The reigning world champion is still unbeaten in 32 fights, while the 38-year-old has lost three of his last four fights.

The True Geordie, real name Brian Davis, criticized Fury, as the Youtuber interviewed him about the December uprising. The exchange involved insults being directed at the 35-year-old, where the boxer was clearly not happy with the line of questioning.

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“The way I see it is with his record now, I don’t think he should be fighting for the world title,” said the True Geordie. “I think there’s a chance that boxing can hurt people if it’s not balanced. And I think this is a contradiction. ”

Fury replied: “I don’t think a heavyweight fight or anything can happen because it’s only one punch.”

The YouTuber seemed to start to back off as he tried to finish the interview and talk about a possible win over Fury.

“If Chisora ​​does this I think the world will be happy for him even if you are in charge,” he said. “Many thanks for interviewing Tyson. I understand where you’re coming from. You and Derek are British boxing legends, well respected by all. And I wish you all the best.


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Then the anger goes into insulting the person after that. “I think you’re an a*****, little t*** pot” he said. “And I’m not going to talk to you anymore, little pot. Bearded, t****-headed. Kiss my b**** you little w****. You are like home.”

The real Geordie was in for a laugh while this was going on and took the opportunity to laugh at the world champion as he tried to end the call.

“Have you thought about how to cover this phone?” he asked. “Are you okay?”

Fury simply told him “you snot ad***,” before finally thinking about how to hang up the phone. The camera then switches to a close-up of the presenter who quips: “That’s good! I’m so glad I did this on a video call because it could have been the end of my hot life.”

Fury will now begin his preparations for the fight to be held in December while Chisora ​​is looking to take on one of the biggest events in boxing history.


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