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By Charles Brown: Tyson Fury took to social media today to inform Anthony Joshua that he has until 5:00 pm to sign his contract to fight on December 3rd, or move on.

If Fury is serious about his 5pm deadline, that means he’s already booked his December 3rd opponent Manuel Charr.

Eddie Hearn believes Charr is the man Fury wants all the way. Look at it this way. Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs) has a tough fight ahead of him in February or March against IBF, WBA & WBO heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk.

If Fury is still licking his wounds from his fight with Joshua on December 3rd, he will not be 100% for the Usyk fight, and he will win against him.

But if Fury chooses his opponent in Charr, he can win this fight without suffering, and he will be ready to face Usyk in early 2023 without the surprise that he would have if he fought and Joshua.

Whether AJ wins or loses against Fury, he will take the beef out of this fight. If Fury thinks he’s not good enough to lose four times in his three fights against Deontay Wilder, it will be a bad fight for Joshua because he will also beat him.

Today is D-day, people. Will you sign the contract, you big p****yare you not going to sign?” said Tyson Fury on social media when he sent a message to Anthony Joshua.

“When Wilder sent me the Wilder 1 contract, I signed it within 24 hours because I wanted to smash his face in. You got a ten day contract now, b***h, and you still haven’t signed no hand,” said Fury.

“If it’s not signed by five o’clock today, the GK’s move on,” Fury said.

Tyson will look foolish if Joshua still hasn’t signed by 5pm. If this is just a misunderstanding on Fury’s part, the fans won’t believe it. They will see Fury as a great athlete, who says things to get attention from fans & media.

If Fury chooses to continue as he says, you have to respect him because he’s going to be a long way from the rock. It will also be a sign of weakness because it can face Charr.

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