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Cedrick Peynaud has called for Conor Benn to be suspended for two failed anti-doping tests.

The opponent who dropped Benn twice and gave him two black eyes spoke about his progress with World Boxing News exclusively.

Frenchman Peynaud shared the ring with Benn on the Katie Taylor vs Jessica McCaskill card in December 2017. The six-round bout expected an easy night’s work for Benn.

However, Peynaud ripped off British Boxing’s script and gave Benn kittens for the duration of the bout. Many people even thought that Peynaud had done enough to make the decision.

The Parisian might have done so had it not been for Benn’s slow revival in the fifth and sixth rounds at Hall.

In the end, Benn decided with a score of 57-54 on the card of referee Bob Williams at the famous stadium in London.

Peynaud was able to win again over ten rounds, though. But this time, there was no disrespect from the British boxer.

Benn eased to an overall win and barely lost a round. The score read 98-90, 98-91, and 97-90 at the O2 Arena.

The return is part of the Dillian Whyte vs Joseph Parker Pay Per View in July 2018.

Cedrick Peynaud talks about Conor Benn

Four years earlier, Peynaud had won two quarters behind Benn. However, he has not fought since facing Ekow Essuman on the same stage of the Hall in September 2020.

WBN managed to catch up with Peynaud to weigh in on his thoughts on a rebel against his old rival.

After commenting on a blog where he referred to Benn as a “traitor,” WBN wanted to collect the thoughts of a person who lived or died with Benn for 18 minutes.

Asked what he thought about Conor Benn’s two failed drug tests, Pynaud told Boxing News: “It’s sad because to be the best is to improve yourself, but not to eat no one’s tired.

“We all know that the truth is always out in the open. So with Conor Benn, we’ll see. “

Peynaud called for Benn to be suspended

On whether he suspected Benn of taking anything during their fight, Peynaud replied: “After seeing his face at the end of our fight. [two swollen black eyes]maybe he thought he should take some magic.

“But I can state that we did not do a doping test for our match. As for the international title, I think it is necessary. But maybe Benn knows he can’t be bad,” he added jokingly.

WBN went on to ask Peynaud whether he believes Conor Benn should face a ban.

“If an experiment goes wrong, we reap what we sow. Benn has many checks and many fails. In the end, it cannot be wrong, so yes, it must be stopped.

“But I think there are problems in the world, unfortunately. I think there have always been problems, and there will be plenty of them in the future.

“The whole incident has completely ruined the game.”

“I broke his mind”

Concluding on whether Benn had a chance to beat Chris Eubank Jr. of the middleweight in the heavyweight fight, Peynaud said: “Yes, I believe he has a chance against Eubank despite the weight difference.

“In a fight like this [where there is a catchweight], there can be m for both. It would have been interesting to see the damage they did in this battle.

“I created a thought for him to say something like that [with our battle]. This thought is what I brought to him for his next fight.”

Peynaud is still credited with bringing Benn’s career into the early stages when many fans questioned his abilities.

Since then, Benn has gone from strength to strength and recently knocked out former world champions Chris Algieri and Chris Van Heerden.

With his fight against Eubank likely lost forever, those who want to witness the main card have a tough pill to swallow.

British boxers continue the Old Trafford fight between Chris Eubank Sr and Nigel Benn from their hands with only two days left.

Ben Sr. flew from Australia to witness his son kill the world title to settle the family business.

His descendants admitted it was “the biggest fight of my career” on the DAZN app [smart TVs and devices]. However, October 8 is now all in the past.

Undercard fighters Gemma Ruegg, Connor Coyle, Cesar Hernan Reynoso, Jiri Surmaj, Nancy Franco, and Ellie Scotney also missed out on a big night in London.

Conor Benn can escape the ban

The saga is not over, though, until the final verdict is passed on Benn. As WBN reported on Saturday, the ban is not guaranteed.

WBN confirmed that Benn could escape the suspension. The decision from VADA will only be acted upon by the World Boxing Council at this time.

Even if the WBC gave the British heavyweight ban, which is certainly not established, Benn would be able to use his business beyond the organization’s control.

Only UKAD can take Benn out completely. But even then, there are options to overcome this possibility.

Regarding VADA – the body that exposed the bad results in two different products – they do not care about the results.

Judgment is left to the commissions and sanctioners. VADA regularly provides the results of their tests to players, promoters, the governing body, sanctioning bodies, and the ABC.

WBN editor Phil Jay has over a decade of boxing news experience. Follow WBN on Facebook @officialworldboxingnews, Instagram, and Twitter @world news.


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