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Bulldogs player Tevita Pangai Junior will make his second professional fight on the card against Sonny Bill Williams and Mark Hunt in Sydney next week.

The 26-year-old will fight Jeremiah Tupai-Ui in a heavyweight bout at the Aware Super Theater in Darling Harbor on Saturday, November 5.

Pangai made his debut in December last year, winning the second round in Brisbane.

The former Broncos and Penrith player was named in Tonga’s World Cup squad but pulled out of the competition amid rumors of a fight.

In his way he will be the mighty Tupai-Ui.

The Brisbane-based heavyweight counts Australian middleweight boxer Issac Hardman among his training partners.

Hardman, who knows a thing or two about taking a punch, believes Pangai may be barking up the wrong tree.

“He’s a big puncher, he reminds me of Mike Tyson in the way he walks — big power and he’s just a good looking guy,” Hardman said. Sports News.

“I think he will disappoint the party. I think the other side thinks it will be easy to win and I think Jerry will really disappoint the party if he lands in Sydney next weekend.”

Hardman said that, as the second-highest in the Chermside gym, he was often the unlucky guy who was associated with Tupai-Ui.

“I have to go in there every time and it makes it easier for me, thank f***, because if he puts one in my mouth, it’s over,” Hardman said.

“He weighs about 117 pounds and hits about as fast as a middleweight.”

Kama Pangai vs. Tupau-Ui and SBW vs. Hunt on Stan


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