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Jimmy James – Steven Nelson, boxer, friend, and director of Crawford’s B&B Boxing Academy spoke in an interview with Golden Era Boxing about Errol Spence not wanting to fight Terrence Crawford.

In the interview, Nelson confirmed some media reports as true and confirmed Spence and Al-Haymon did not want the fight by lowballing Crawford.

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“Crawford wanted at least 40 percent but accepted Spence’s offer of at least 35 percent because he wanted the fight, but Spence wouldn’t even guarantee that amount,” Nelson said. “It’s almost as if they didn’t want the fight, because they knew Crawford wasn’t going to take the offer.”

Regarding the reason why Crawford chose David Avenysian as his next fight, Nelson clarified that, “Crawford wanted to fight in December to stay active, and Virgil Ortiz’s team rejected the fight and David Only Avenysian was 6th in the WBO and received a short call.” Crawford said he still wants to fight Spence in February next year.

When asked about Spence’s recent tweets in which he stated that he will move up in weight, Nelson admitted “I can see it as a duck move, because Jaron Ennis is a must and Crawford really wants the fight, it will be done hurt him and he wouldn’t want to lose his unsuccessful history with either of those two guys.”

Another interesting point is that Nelson did not see the same energy that Spence called Keith Thurman in social media for ducking him. want to fight either. “

After observing the whole saga of Crawford and Spence, I believe that Spence does not want the fight. Spence has always been tight-lipped about the Crawford fight, almost to the point of refusing to interview any reporter who asks him about Crawford.

I remember in 2019, the first time Crawford and Spence met backstage, that Crawford approached Spence from a distance first and Spence looked uncomfortable. Spence almost had the same look on Thurman’s face when asked about fighting him, as if he didn’t want to be put there.

Soon, Bob Arum approached the two as the media gathered and Crawford asked Spence to his face “when is he going to fight him?”, to which he replied “In the future.” He almost looked like Ryan Garcia when Devin Haney asked him in the ring “when are we fighting?” and Garcia replied “in the future”. Haney and Crawford are the strikers and that’s usually a sign they really want the fight.

And then we have that amazing interview when Spence is asked somewhere about fighting Crawford and he replies, “Crawford should take 70/30 before I take her to 80/20”. This is an unrealistic offer to negotiate for three world teams and the former undisputed champion to accept.

Crawford at least deserves 40 percent of the split, and to say otherwise is not fair with the amount of money these two will make in the fight.

In the Shawn Porter vs. Crawford match, after Crawford TKO’d Porter in the 11th round, the press immediately tried to interview Spence who was in the ring that night and when approached he was absent. wanted to ask questions and said “he has to talk to Spence. get up and come back”. You’d think he’d get in the ring and publicly call Crawford to his face to let him know, but he didn’t, he leave the scene when Crawford calls his name – it’s very telling!

One thing I will say for sure is that the promoters and managers are going to make a killing in this fight, and it’s tempting to blame Al-Haymon for not doing the fight. Spence fighting Eimantas Stanionis is not rich, and even if he goes up to fight Sebastian Fundora, which is a dangerous fight, he will not make as much money as fighting Crawford. He won’t fight Jermell Charlo because they are both close friends, so don’t accept the pick.

Crawford was picked up by many PBC and even Top Rank boxers. You can’t negotiate and fight when nobody wants to take the risk. It has nothing to do with promotion, it has to do with the fact that some boxers do not want to lose their records and transfer wealth, power and status to crown a new PPV star, who will replace their light. Pacquiao didn’t like Crawford when both were in Top Rank and soon no one in PBC would want to fight Ennis including Spence, so stopping Crawford’s accusations, is not reasonable.


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