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By Sam Volz: Paulie Malignaggi wants to see if undefeated champion Devin Haney can defend against Vasyl Lomachenko if he wins against Jamaine Ortiz on Saturday night in their fight on ESPN+ at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Malignaggi has already predicted that Haney (29-0, 15 KOs) will leave his four-straight belt and head north to the safety of the 140-lb division to avoid a fiery loss to Lomachenko (16-2, 11 KOs) and hope again starting in this weight.

Head coach Bob Arum will obviously not be happy to see Haney leave the drive or Lomachenko because he hopes to have the winner of this Shakur Stevenson fight, as Malignaggi said, create a new star with the promotion company.

It would obviously be better for Lomachenko to beat Haney because there is no risk of Loma bailing to move up to 140 because he is making weight comfortably for the 135-lb division.

If Haney beats Lomachenko, which Malignaggi doesn’t see happening, he could bail instead of facing Shakur and run to the 140-lb division.

Well, Haney will be in the audience on Saturday night and will step into the ring to tell the boxing world that he will fight Lomachenko next.

However, I don’t see what’s going on. Haney didn’t mention Lomachenko by name after his win over George Kambosos Jr on October 15th, and I don’t think that was an accident.

You have to feel sorry for Arum if Haney left his undisputed 135-lb position because he was hoping to stay at weight and protect Lomachenko in order to set up a fight between Loma and Shakur Stevenson.

Arum signed Haney to a three-fight deal with Top Rank, and all he has to show for the two fights so far are two disappointing odds against the poor Kambosos. The real meat & potatoes is the Haney fight against Lomachenko, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

If Haney vacates the heavyweight belt and insists that Arum give him a hot fight in his debut at 140, then the promoter will have a bad three fight in the three fight contract he gave Devin.

“The question is if Lomachenko does what he needs to do this weekend against Jamaine Ortiz, or if Devin Haney will do it against Vasyl Lomachenko as Bob Arum has already planned after defeating George Kambosos in the fight they did,” said Paulie Malignaggi. of Pauly TV.

“Remember, I said this from the beginning that he would [Haney] he will beat Kambosos twice and then withdraw instead of fighting Lomachenko.

“I also showed you all the evidence in this video that not everyone did Haney but the opposite. It’s not necessary because if Haney didn’t sell wolf tickets, he wouldn’t be considered. It’s not because a young fighter is talented and has climbed the ladder, it’s not good for him to fight all the big guys right away.

“He’s getting there little by little, that’s what Haney did. As we’ve seen now, he’s the undefeated heavyweight champion. My problem is the wolf ticket he’s selling, the big guys, the guys who they established, the people who proved their value, they were gossiping when there was no one at that time.

“Now he is the undisputed lightweight champion, let’s see if he redeems himself like the lightweight champion and takes on a big challenge, that is Vasyl Lomachenko. Honestly bro, after finding out what I found out, Then I said that I am questioning the character of this person,” Malignaggi said of Haney.

“If I were to question your attitude, I would probably go with Lomachenko to stop you because you, my man, are pretending to be a title holder when you know you are not, and unfortunately, with people like this the first sign of First. Trouble, they fold up like beach chairs.

“I hope it is not true. I hope to see you against Lomachenko. “I want to see Haney and Lomachenko, and I think I speak for all boxing fans who want to see big guys fight big guys,” Malignaggi said.

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