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Regional champion Leon Bunn came up short in his quest to win the IBO world lightweight title at the Fabriksporthalle last night, losing a sixth round technical decision to Ireland’s Padraig McCrory in front of a huge home town crowd. of Frankfurt. , Germany.

The fans at the packed Fabriksporthalle had a great atmosphere, as both fighters have a huge fanbase there, turning the arena into a cauldron. Bunn vs. McCrory presents Wasserman Boxing in partnership with Probellum.

Leon Bunn got off to a good start, scoring with a jab in the first round. However, in the second Padraig McCrory connected on a different shot and scored the first goal of the night.

Bunn was shaking but managed to survive the round – despite a continued onslaught from McCrory, who was landing a quick round of kicks. Things got worse for Bunn in the third as he fell again.

The German showed his heroics in the fourth round, however, as he battled fire to fire and mounted a small comeback. However, McCrory’s pressure proved to be too much in the end: He hit Bunn for the third time with a big right hand in the sixth, prompting Bunn’s trainer Conny Mittermeier to throw in the towel for saving his charge from further training, much to the delight of the 300 Irish fans who traveled to Germany to support McCrory, is now the IBO world champion.

Bunn vs. McCrory – Quotes

Kalle Sauerland, Head of World Boxing at Wasserman: “Congratulations to Padraig McCrory. A well-deserved victory. Leon never had the right distance. It was a bitter night for German boxing, but this is the game, and we will not give up. We will be back in Germany soon.”

Leon Bunn in his interview with the German TV channel SPORT1 after the fight: “I’m disappointed with myself. I felt him hit me harder than I hit him. I shouldn’t have let that happen.”

Padraig McCrory: “It feels great. Five years ago I would never have thought of this but now I’m here as the IBO World Champion and it feels amazing. I know I’m big and strong and I’m hitting hard. But I can also box. The jab is the key. I understand that this fight is a big fight, but it might have been stopped early for the boxer’s health. But I know I’m going to get him out of there. That means, if a lot. And just look at this… the Irish have come!”

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