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Boxer and East Los Angeles native Oscar De La Hoya presented $1 million to Adventist Health White Memorial Hospital during a special event hosted by Chavelyta’s Pink Hood.

Pamper Me Day is dedicated to people who have recently been diagnosed, have completed treatment, or have lost a loved one to cancer.

The donation, spread over the next ten years, will allow for the expansion of breast cancer services for the Boyle Heights community.

De La Hoya has been a longtime donor to the hospital, where several departments have been named in his honor, including the Cecilia Gonzalez De La Hoya Cancer Center, the Oscar De La Hoya Center for Labor & Delivery and the Oscar De La Hoya Neonatal Intensive Care Center.

Here is what the participants had to say:

OSCAR DE LA HOYA, President and CEO of Golden Boy Promotions:
“Today, I am here to help raise funds for the life-saving cancer treatment that women in our community need. But just as important, I am here to send a message to those who, like me, have been lucky in our lives.

“My relationship with breast cancer is known, but I promise that every character has a connection to the issue that the poor are suffering. Today, as the city in which we live is facing a deep problem, it is time for us to stand up and be counted.”

JOHN RAFFOUL, President, Adventist Health White Memorial
“Oscar has contributed greatly to this hospital for over 20 years. Many people don’t know how connected he is to the community he came from. We are happy and humbled by his involvement in this hospital – from the Cancer Center to the Neonatal Care Center, to supporting local charities like Chavelyta. This donation will greatly assist with our efforts to support the needs of this community.”

ISABEL GUILLEN – Head of Chavelyta’s Pink Hood
“I want to thank Oscar and his sister Cecilia for the support they have given me all these years. I am a cancer survivor and this hospital saved my life by giving me the care I needed. Chavelyta’s small non-profit It’s not, and we thank both Ceci and Oscar for everything they help us with – from food, make-up, wigs – everything we do to make people feel close to normal when we travel. breast cancer. This donation will go a long way in providing a cure for people like me.”


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