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By Vince Writer: Undisputed Super Middleweight Champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez is feeling generous as he decides to reward his fans with a third fight against his opponent Gennadiy “Triple G” Golovkin on September 17, but the problem The prize is the fact that most fans of the sweet. science did not seek the struggle of the trilogy.

DAZN and Matchroom Boxing only put up $65 million for the Canelo-GGG main event, but unfortunately, the fight wasn’t entertaining enough, and the match didn’t generate enough pay-per-view numbers. Producer Eddie Hearn predicted the trilogy would generate 1 million buys per view in the United States, but unfortunately, the event generated only 575,000 buys.

Hardcore Canelo fans were pleased with what they saw in the ring on September 17, but other fight fans were disappointed. Some fans have argued that Triple G is on the decline, and doing just enough to survive as opposed to going out to win.

In the case of Canelo, the theory of cherry picking opponents is starting to gain traction. For the past year, retired boxers, retired world champions, boxing fans, and boxing fans have been suggesting that Canelo fight David Benavidez, but Canelo turned a deaf ear to the boxers who got angry when he heard about Benavidez. name.

“Guys, I always say this, you show the video and put whatever you want. When I said I don’t want to fight a Mexican because I represent Mexico, and that’s why, but I don’t care. I fight with everyone all my life. Do you think I don’t want to fight another Mexican, Benavidez, but look, I heard his father talk a lot, but look, he didn’t do anything, one champion Anthony Dirrell, “said Canelo during the message. – fight conference reporters.

Canelo Alvarez (58-2-2, 39 KOs) claimed that he did not consider fighting David Benavidez because he only had one champion beat him, but at the same time, in February 2021, Alvarez fought Avni Yildirim, the man coming out of the penalty shootout. after a two-year ban, and in his fight in February 2019, Yildirim lost to Anthony Dirrell.

Oscar De La Hoya, who has been promoting Canelo until their split in 2020, was asked a question on social media, and he gave an honest and direct answer. When asked about a possible Super Middleweight fight between Canelo Alvarez and David Benavidez, De La Hoya posted the response: “Canelo will never fight him; he is young and talented.”

In his social media post, De La Hoya revealed what many boxing fans are beginning to realize, and that is the fact that Canelo wants no part of Benavidez. Hardcore Canelo fans will say that Canelo wants to challenge himself, and that’s why he took the risk of moving up to heavyweight to fight Dmitry Bivol. It’s good, but the fact of the matter is that Canelo lost to Bivol, it’s not because he left to look for the title, but if he loses to Benavidez, he has no excuse.

David Benavidez (26-0, 23 KOs) has great hand speed and good power, and he has great size. These three assets are tools that Canelo doesn’t want to see when taking on an opponent. As fight fans, we will no longer wonder if Canelo Alvarez is avoiding Benavidez because it has become painfully obvious that he is avoiding David Benavidez.

Die-hard Canelo fans may present the excuse that the 32-year-old is picking and choosing Mayweather’s style. If so, hopefully, it will follow suit when the 36-year-old Mayweather decides to give his fans what they’ve been asking for when he steps into the ring to face a young, strong 23-year-old boxer named Saul. “Canelo” Alvarez.

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