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It looks like Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs), who changed his mind about his career at a shocking rate, decided to go for the third time with his old opponent Dereck Chisora ​​​​(33-12, 23 KOs). on the 3rd of December.

When it was announced, the fight was met with an uproar on social media. The Fury-Chisora ​​trilogy, for the WBC heavyweight championship, will be held at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London.

Chisora ​​kept his name alive by pinning world title challenger Kubrat Pulev in July. In the fight for the heavyweight title, Kubrat had a shot at Wladimir Klitschko and Anthony Joshua.

As much as you want goalkeeper Chisora ​​to get another good payday at the end of his career, this isn’t the fight people are looking forward to reading after Fury said he had a “big announcement to make to the world,” as he stand next to him. new coach Isaac Lowe. (I think Sugar Hill, which seems to have a good relationship with success, is out now).

In a statement released, Fury, who seems to be looking for reasons to sell Chisora ​​for a third time, said, “I decided to return to boxing because I can become the first heavyweight champion in history. Three players, one who boxed. Deontay Wilder and the second with Dereck Chisora.”

In fact, fans don’t worry about rematches or trilogies unless they are big fights, and Fury has already beaten Chisora, handily, twice. In short, no one screamed for the fall.

In a series of events that may or may not happen, Fury said he is offering a fight to Anthony Joshua, with a deadline that suits him. Next up is walker Mahmoud Charr. During all of this, Fury also teased Oleksandr Usyk – possibly his biggest fight yet, and the one his fans are hoping for – for an unusual contest. American Andy Ruiz, a friend of Fury’s, has never seen his name come up in context. (As long as Ruiz doesn’t land a big punch, his athleticism will give Fury problems, and it will be an interesting fight. But it doesn’t seem to be a factor).

However, when all the dust settles, it looks like we will see Fury-Chisora ​​3 in December.

Both fighters seemed happy to announce the event, and despite showing respect, after the bad words in their previous fights, both were looking to make a statement and win. A win for Chisora, 38, would mean a major upset and more big paydays.

A loss to Fury, 34, would be a major setback to Joshua’s confirmation of the fight against Usyk. However, while anything can happen when the big boys throw down, it’s hard to imagine Chisora ​​having anything to beat Fury at this stage of his career.

In the press before the fight, both fighters, experienced in fighting at the highest level of weight class, looked like they knew the task at hand.

“I thank Tyson for giving me the opportunity to fight him,” Chisora ​​said. “Is there bad blood? Not really, but I want to take his stuff and make it mine. I can’t go out, but I want to go and take his stuff and make it mine,” he said. “Physically and mentally, I want to come and take it. I don’t want to. I want to remove it physically.”

As for Tyson, he wanted to emphasize that while he is aware that he is the favorite, anything can happen in heavyweight boxing.

“As for selling Derek Chisora ​​to the fans, I’m not going to sell anything to anybody,” Fury said. “If he punches me, a big swing, I get punched. If I punch him, a big swing, he gets beat up,” he said.

Anger is a behavior; personality, and it was not eaten. His press conferences alone make his scenes enjoyable to watch. But the fight that his fans want to see is with Usyk or Joshua. But he wanted to do another fight this year and he couldn’t secure these big names, so he had to take Chisora, who at least wants to rise. Fury admits he is struggling to leave the sport that has been his identity throughout his career. One day he will announce his retirement and stop at that, but I think this is for the future.

Enjoy the fight, folks. More than 50 000 tickets have already been sold, and she will sell them again. It’s a chance to see a fun guy in a characterless game. Not a fight everyone wanted, but it was a chance to see a special weight in action.

This battle can be summed up in a line from an old country and western song, “I’ll do ’til the real thing comes along?”


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