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Although his work now spanned only four fights, former Olympic silver medalist Richard Torrez Jr. (4-0, 4 KOs) has little to no problem with the level of competition he is facing at this stage.

Armed with a deadly right hand and defense, Torrez bull rushes Ahmed Hefny (13-3, 5 KOs), leaving his man by the seat of his pants in the first round. Apparently smelling blood at this point, Torrez pushed the pace in the second. His need to increase his violence in the second time saw Hefny hit the floor in the basement.

Refusing to let his man go on for too long, the former Olympian put an end to his man’s night in the third, preventing him from dying.

A change of pace was much needed for the New York crowd at Madison Square Garden’s Hulu Theater as the previous bout left fans speechless.

Much like his Olympic counterparts, Duke Ragan continues to seek out the biggest, baddest, and best fighters around. Finally, there was hope for the current feather weight early tonight.

To start his night, the former Olympic silver medalist easily outplayed Luis Lebron. But despite building an early lead on the scorecards, Lebron wasn’t concerned about his man’s lackluster performance. As the last round drew nearer, the contestant increased his appearances and his work, which resulted in almost the expected round between them.

In an attempt to slow down Lebron, Rogan kept spitting, apparently buying more time. In the end, his well-timed boxing and sleight-of-hand technique used him as he walked away with a complete defeat. The three judges who scored the ringside scores turned in the cards 77-75, 78-74, 79-73, much to the dismay of the New York crowd.

Minutes before Rogan pissed off the crowd, they were treated to a funeral for all of his performance.

The boxing world has become a fixture on their television shows since Nico Ali Walsh (7-0, 5 KOs) turned pro. With his relationship with the late great Muhammad Ali, he immediately began to take on the role of his grandfather. Through the seven battles, things cannot be written well.

For a new trip to the ring, the middleweight took on the journeyman Billy Wagner (5-3, 1 KO). In the spirit of Halloween, Ali makes his way through the arena wearing a Dracula like cape. But while his pre-fight outfit would suggest he’s out for blood, it’s Wagner who proves he’s thirsty.

In the first few rounds, Ali went hunting, getting a lot of success in the process. But even after he was forced to withdraw Ali’s attack, Wagner continued to fight. Midway through their six-round play at New York’s Hulu Theater, Wagner. He began to seize power. However, after the storm was overcome, Ali took control in the final two frames, which ultimately led to his victory.

Like Ali, a young star showed off his traditional boxing skills that night.

After being ballyhooed for much of his youth career, Delante “Tiger” Johnson (6-0, 4 KOs) has taken another step forward. Earlier tonight at Madison Square Garden’s Hulu Theater, the former Olympian and highly touted fan of one-sided shutout with Esteban Garcia (15-2, 7 KOs).

Although he has proven to be tactical and durable throughout, Johnson has no problems with his man. After five incredible rounds, Johnson poured it on in the sixth and final round before pulling out a unanimous decision win. The three judges sitting on the side of the road agreed as they won 60-54 against Johnson.

Just moments before Johnson took center stage, a 160-pound slugfest ensued.

The leader in the showdown with Quincy Lavallais (14-4-1, 9 KOs), Troy Isley (8-0, 4 KOs) said that at some point in the showdown, he will catch his man red, ending the night early. Although he never managed to end the fight, he used most of the punches they made to hit his man.

However, even with Isley’s landing harder and more shots, Lavallais has a worker like effort. In the seventh, in particular, apparently following a card, several walkers threw the proverbial scales at the man. While his shots proved to be innocent, Isley once again raised his spirits in the final round. In the end, the weighted average of the undefeated averages goes toward the overall decision success. The final scores were as follows: 79-73, 80-72 and 80-72.

Abdullah Mason (5-0, 4 KOs) stepped into the ring with confidence. After a while, he quickly explained the reason.

In front of a fairly sparse crowd, Mason made it look incredibly easy against Angel Barrera (4-1, 0 KOs). From the opening buzzer, Barrera charged forward, pushing his man into the ropes. While he was successful early, Mason eventually paid for his man, beating him in this first round.

With a mouth full of blood and on shaky legs, Mason took his man down twice in the third before closing out the show in the next round.

Before Mason took care of business for the second time of the night, Brady Haven Jr. he went into the light.

Despite being in the infant stages of his career, Haven (8-0, 4 KOs) appears ready to take on all comers. Although he opens the card tonight at the Hulu Theater in New York’s Madison Square Garden by facing an unlikely fellow in Eric Mondragon (7-1-1, 4 KOs), the weight above the following has no problem in dealing with his person. .

After being forced to eight grueling rounds, the 130-pounder registered a unanimous decision win with scores of 78-74 and two major scorecards of 79-73.



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