Jake Paul defeated Anderson Silva and called out Nate Diaz: ‘Everybody wants this fight, let’s do it in the ring’ | Boxing news | Biden News


The star of the modern network, Jake Paul, continued his exhibition in the field of sports, where he won the boxing match against the famous UFC fighter, Anderson Silva, who is 47 years old in the world, at the Gila River Arena in Arizona.

The fight lasted eight rounds and Paul defeated Silva in the final.

Paul received unanimous decisions, 77-74 and 78-73 twice, from three judges.

Jake Paul
Paul previously fought MMA boxers Tyron Woodley, Ben Askren, and Anderson Silva

That means Paul now has a 6-0 record, even though none of his opponents have come from boxing.

Silva is the third boxer to fight but the Brazilian beat Julio Cesar Chavez Jr last year, so it represents Paul’s most impressive win.

“I feel like I’m sitting in a movie,” Paul said later. “You can’t write that in a story.

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Anderson Silva has admitted that Jake Paul deserved the win, saying he ‘failed’ in his strategy

“Just being in the ring with him, seeing his heart, his courage, his bravery, he’s the champion I look up to. He’s such an inspiration.”

He, however, is thinking of boxing the next MMA star, calling Nate Diaz, who attended the event.

“Everybody wants this fight,” said Paul. “Nate, stop fighting people for free, let’s do it in the ring.”


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