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In what has become a tradition, Jake Paul and KSI engaged in a war of words on Twitter heading into the week of the fight. He explained that the fight between the two could be elevated to another level.

Paul will fight MMA hero Anderson Silva in a boxing match in the Desert Diamond Arena in Arizona on October 29. Before the toughest challenge of his career, “The Problem Child” is focused on this matchup.

However, that doesn’t mean Paul can’t have some fun on social media with a rival.

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Why are Jake Paul and KSI fighting on Twitter?

During the Paul-Silva fight, an interview was released in which Silva appeared to have been beaten in an interesting session before the fight. Of course, the people were worried that the war against Paul was fixed. KSI even expressed doubts about the current situation in the competition.

Silva will defend Paul’s reputation himself later. He said there was a disagreement; he means to say that it is printed, not outside. Silva tweeted at KSI, saying, “You and Jake are such an inspiration to the youth. Build together. Do not burn.”

KSI respects Silva but not Paul. He did not believe Silva’s “revelation” message about Paul. When it comes to Paul, KSI believes he only cares about himself.

“I have no respect for Jake. He has no confidence,” KSI tweeted. “All he wants to build is himself. He destroyed more bridges than a tsunami. Anyway, my bad. Good luck in your fight.”

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Paul, who took a picture with Silva when he was younger, said it was a dream fight. Although he wants to hit Silva, respectfully, he has no ill will towards him. He responded to KSI’s Tweet, praising Silva while seemingly threatening KSI.

“A wise man to bow down to the Goat.” When I see you, you’re getting Jordan Pooled you little b—.”

Poole’s part of the post refers to when Golden State Warriors Draymond Green hit teammate Jordan Poole during a recent practice.

Are Jake Paul and KSI fighting each other?

In August, KSI is supposed to fight Alex Wassabi. Wassabi withdrew from the fight, and KSI had to find an opponent. Instead he fought two fights, defeating Swarmz and Luis Alcaraz Pineda in the same night.

Before the battle, a challenge was presented.

KSI has offered to fight Paul at Wembley Stadium in London in 2023. In a “winner takes all” match 100% of their purse will be on the line. Paul agrees to take on KSI, but only if he admits that Paul is better at boxing. KSI agreed quickly, now, and the countdown to the struggle of many years has begun.

Jake Paul vs. KSI competition

KSI made his professional boxing debut in 2018, defeating fellow YouTuber Joe Weller via TKO. After the fight, he called Jake and his brother Logan to fight. Jake means to face KSI. He ended up posting tweets mocking KSI following the call. The two have also created YouTube videos that have reached millions of views each. The video of Jake talking about KSI challenging him has over 5 million views, while the video of KSI calling out Jake has over 2 million views.

Logan will be the one to fight KSI instead.

Leading up to the 2018 fan contest, KSI and his brother Deji taunted the Paul brothers and vandalized their cars. In the Manchester Arena, Jake defeated Deji while KSI and Logan battled in a dominating match. Not long ago, Matchroom Boxing picked up the KSI-Logan Paul rivalry, and the two main events did a boxing card in the Staples Center. KSI would defeat Paul by decision.

Both have gone their separate ways since then. Paul has a pro record of 5-0, defeating the likes of AnEsonGib, Nate Robinson, Ben Askren, and Tyron Woodley. KSI confronted Paul after the AnEsonGib fight.

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Jake Paul should fight Tommy Fury and Hasim Rahman Jr. at what time. Both were successful, and KSI cited low ticket sales as one of the reasons why Rahman’s fight was called off.

Paul later insulted KSI for staying on YouTube when he made $45 million last year. KSI quickly defended himself by reminding Paul where he came from as a fellow YouTuber. Things got worse when Paul revealed that KSI’s team visited him to help promote KSI’s fight with Wassabi, who advised him.

The two have been silent since that exchange, until recently.


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