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By Ken Hisner: When you look back at the heavyweight champions who seem to have put fear into their opponents “before” the game, two seem to be remembered in “Iron” Mike Tyson, 50-6 with 44 strikes, and “Sonny” Liston 50 -4 with 39 knockouts. The data looked very similar in the end.

We can still see the fear in the eyes of former heavyweight champion Michael Spinks as he walks through the ring. He looks like he’s heading to the electric chair to face Tyson.

Spinks stopped the undefeated Larry “Easton Assassin” Holmes at 48-0 to become the first heavyweight champion to hold the heavyweight title. Holmes may be eligible for a rematch, but her only win was a 49-0 win over Rocky Marciano. After that, Holmes said, “Marciano can’t wear my shirt!” I think he forgot he lost to Spinks, not Marciano.

When Holmes faced Tyson, he took one left hook to the jaw for Holmes to start looking for a way out of the ring. Holmes was 48-2 and stopped in the fourth round. Ring introductions before the match, former champion Muhammad Ali sits next to Donald J Trump and is called into the ring. He pressed Holmes’s glove past Tyson and whispered something in his ear. “kick his bag?” Holmes was the only one to stop Ali, whose opponent Ferdie Pacheco left the corner, saying he should not fight again before the Holmes vs. Ali match.

Liston can scare the hell out of you when the fighters are being given orders by the referee before the first round. He had this look in his eyes like, “I’m going to kill you!”

Liston is known to have the strongest jab in the heavyweight division. He can knock your teeth out with a jab that one of his opponents, Wayne Bethea, found out in the first round wouldn’t come out in the second round.

Most of the boxers felt that Floyd Patterson was beaten before their fight when Liston took his title and defended it all with a knockout.

Liston’s stoppage against the tough Cleveland Williams, 49-3-1 in two rounds is a fight with his victory over the “Big Cat!”

Liston’s recent fight against Muhammad Ali, especially the second one, is always questionable if he goes above and beyond. Liston, who has ties to gangsters, apparently did not throw a punch at Ali in a fight that would have hurt him, let alone drop him in the count.

Although heavyweight contender Earnie Shavers is 75-14-1 with 69 stops, he is considered the toughest in the division even though he is known to run out of gas after five rounds if he doesn’t stop you.

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