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Ricky Hatton returns to the ring for a showdown but questions his former rival Floyd Mayweather’s endurance in the ring.

Mayweather fought in his fifth fight away from the professional ranks this November when “Money” went up against YouTuber Deji.

Previously, the five-weight world champion fought with WWE star Logan Paul, MMA fighter Conor McGregor and other Japanese kickboxers.

Those tournaments took place in Florida, Las Vegas, and Japan, with the latest event taking place in Dubai.

Ricky Hatton is back

Conversely, Hatton is fighting for the first time in a decade after coming out of retirement to face Vyacheslav Senchenko in 2012.

Before the Senchenko fight, “Hitman” tried to deal with the loss of Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao on PPV in the United States.

Mayweather’s first fight as “Undefeated” saw Hatton stop him from fighting pressure tactics by referee Joe Cortez.

Mayweather was comfortable at arm’s length, and Cortez made sure the fight stopped there. Hatton was unable to execute his game plan.

Senchenko’s affair did not go as he had hoped, with Hatton losing at the end of the fight. However, he is back in shape and ready to make a happy memory to end his career in sports.

On November 12, Hatton struck a deal with Mexican player Marco Antonio Barrera. The Manchester boxer headed home to his fans for the first time in ten years.

Still universally loved, Hatton always puts on a show. So, it should be another night, with Natasha Jonas at the top of the bill on the Sky Sports show before Hatton vs Barrera.

Hatton vs Mayweather or Pacquiao shows

In an exclusive interview with World Boxing News, Hatton didn’t talk about the fight, but the two-weight world champion talked about whether Mayweather or Pacquiao would have a chance to rematch. in the future.

“If there is an opportunity to box in an exhibition, then I will look. A lot will depend on the offer but definitely not if Joe Cortez is the referee,” Hatton joked to WBN.

Asked specifically about Mayweather fighting social media influencers instead of their legendary counterparts, Hatton replied: “I don’t get it. Of course, he got enough money. Is he greedy or greedy?

“I think his new YouTuber [Deji] he won one and lost three, something like that. I mean, come on. Who wants to watch that?

“He makes fun of boxing.”

Mayweather fights YouTubers and MMA stars

As for whether he would ever consider facing a fighter from another number, the Manchester City player added: “He fought Conor McGregor, and I got that.

“I understand why people bought into it. But for me, it would be something like that for me to consider doing it.

“But no one else [like Deji] who wins one and loses three.”

Speaking to WBN, Hatton pitched the Barrera encounter as fair and promised to fight for his fans.

“It’s going to be electric,” he said. “That’s the one thing you miss the most when you retire from boxing. It’s public noise.

“To be able to hear that roar once made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I never thought I’d hear “there’s only one Ricky Hatton” in AO Manchester again. I can not wait.”

Hatton vs Barrera

The famous Brit added: “I’m taking this fight very seriously. Let me tell you we are all professionals and we take this very seriously.

“It will be a competition, trust me. Marco will not want to come to Manchester and he will not try.

“He is a proud Mexican hero. He won’t want to leave his side. Also, I don’t want to leave Manchester and the rest of the country.

“It’s a shorter round and a few of them have big gloves for safety, but it will be a chance for those who might be a bit too small to see us go around and rekindle some of that old magic.

“There will be mutual understanding between us. We are all pros. But none of us will take freedom.

“I’m telling you now, I’m excited to go in with a boxer like Marco,” Hatton said.

Ricky Hatton vs Marco Antonio Barrera – The exhibition fight took place on November 12, 2022, at the Manchester Arena.

The event will be on Sky Sports Main Event immediately after the Natasha Jones fight. Buy Tickets Here.

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