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Ricky Hatton has criticized Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition match with Deji and insists the American boxing legend is “joking” about the match.

Mayweather, 45, retired in 2017 after beating him UFC a big star Conor McGregorbut his retirement did not last long.

The former five-weight world champion has participated in several shows since retiring from professional competition five years ago.

And the Hall-of-Famer will return to action on November 13 against British YouTube star Deji, who is the younger brother of the YouTuber boxer. KSI.

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However, Hatton, who will return to the ring in November in the expected rematch with Marco Antonio Barrera, questioned whether Mayweather ran out of money.

What did Ricky Hatton say about Floyd Mayweather vs Deji?

Floyd Mayweather took on YouTube star Deji at an exhibition in Dubai on November 13
Floyd Mayweather took on YouTube star Deji at an exhibition in Dubai on November 13

“I didn’t get it. Of course, he got enough money,” he told World Boxing News. “Is he greedy or greedy?

“I think his new YouTuber [Deji] he won one and lost three, something like that. I mean, come on. Who wants to watch that?

“He makes fun of boxing.

“He fought Conor McGregor, and I get that. I understand why people bought into it. But for me, it would be something like that for me to consider doing it.

“But no one else [like Deji] who wins one and loses three.”

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When is Ricky Hatton vs Marco Antonio Barrera?

Ricky Hatton says Floyd Mayweather is
Ricky Hatton says Floyd Mayweather is making a “mockery” of boxing

The Manchester City The fan was furious after he announced that he will fight Barrera at the AO Arena on November 12.

“It’s going to be electric,” he said. “That’s the one thing you miss the most when you retire from boxing.

“It’s public noise.

“To be able to hear that roar once made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

“I never thought I’d hear ‘There’s only one Ricky Hatton’ again in AO Manchester.

“I can not wait.”

Hatton is set to fight for the first time in a decade after retiring for good following his 2012 loss to Vyacheslav Senchenko.

He continued: “I take this fight very seriously.” Let me tell you that we are all professionals and we take this very seriously.

“It will be a competition, trust me. Marco will not want to come to Manchester and he will not try.

“He is a proud Mexican hero. He won’t want to leave his side. Also, I don’t want to leave Manchester and the rest of the country.

“It’s a shorter round and a few of them have big gloves for safety, but it will be a chance for those who might be a bit too small to see us go around and rekindle some of that old magic.

“There will be mutual understanding between us. We are all pros. But none of us will take freedom.

“I’m telling you now, I’m excited to go with a boxer like Marco.”

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