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By Chris Williams: Terence Crawford has dropped out of the discussion to fight Errol Spence Jr as a Texas fighter with two tough choices between Eimantas Stanionis and Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis if he is at 147.

Ennis (29-0, 27 KOs), the IBF aggressive challenger, has already complained about the sanctioning body for him to challenge Spence (28-0, 22 KOs). Currently, he is waiting to hear from them to see if he will get a fight in the future.

Boots Ennis, 24, is seen by some as a bigger, stronger, younger, and more skilled version of Crawford. He will be a nightmare for Spence because of what he brings to the table.

Unfortunately for Spence, Ennis isn’t a big name, so it’s not a fight that’s going to bring in the big paying numbers that it otherwise would if Boots had more experience and taken on some of the more prominent outlets.

Boots is ranked #1 IBF and #2 WBO. If he had already fought Crawford, it would have likely been his first chance, but unsurprisingly, the 35-year-old Nebraska native has shown no interest in fighting him. It would be wrong for Crawford, who is not a spring chicken at his age, and he will probably break up with the lion’s boyfriend.

The undefeated Stanionis (14-0, 9 KOs), who is the WBA ‘regular’ welterweight champion, is said to have complained with the World Boxing Association facing Spence.

For Spence, the far, far easier option for him is to fight Stanionis, and retain his IBF, WBA & WBC welterweight titles. However, there isn’t much for Spence to gain from the relatively unknown Stanionis fight unless he plans to stay at 147.

If Spence will stop at 147, the only reason for that is to fight Crawford in 2023, as originally planned. But with Crawford bailing out of talks with Spence without warning to fight David Avanesyan, the confidence may no longer be there for Errol.

If Crawford bails out once in his talks with Spence, there’s a good chance he can do it again and again, as long as other promoters are willing to give him a fight.

However, Crawford won’t be able to do that forever, apparently, as the World Boxing Federation will soon order him to defend his WBO title against Vergil Ortiz Jr. That’s a lot of work for a 35-year-old, especially the unemployed one he was. fighting only once a year for the past two years.


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