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By Jimmy James: In December of 2021, Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn’s issued a warning that almost came true, “I think you’ll see Errol Spence move up to 154 to avoid Terence Crawford. ‘Avoid’ might be a strong word, but avoid trickery.”

Hearn said: “I feel sorry for Crawford, not in some ways, but in ways that I think he wants to create this legacy, and I’m not sure it will be for him,” Hearn said.

A few days ago, Spence made Hearn’s prediction come true as he said, “I have to talk to my manager, but I’ve already told them that I’ve been with this responsibility for a long time. I don’t know. I can move up.”

The fight with Crawford is almost a success, as both of them have formally agreed to all terms and are ready to fight in November. But Crawford’s lawyers found problems with the PBC contract that could not guarantee the 35 percent split that Golden Era Boxing reported thanks to Steven Nelson, boxer and director of Crawford’s B&B boxing school.

And to confirm the above, Mike Coppinger told Max Kellerman on his show two weeks ago that “The fight will be pushed to Nov or Dec. Max’s issue is a contract disagreement over events, funding, and the real truth. with these words.”

Coppinger added, “Crawford agreed to take the short end of the deal, and he’s working without a guarantee and he wants to be transparent about the revenue, and so far they haven’t been able to work, and it looks like Al Haymon is keep fighting. Crawford obviously wants the fight.”

Kellerman replied, “There is no such thing as a web; if you don’t have the ability to keep track of the books that allow spending and know where all the money is going, no one will ever trust the website since you are working with the big thing.” And he added, “this looks like Mike’s duck, and Al Haymon doesn’t think his man is going to win.”

Without a guaranteed contract, Crawford will receive less money than what he initially agreed with PBC without any transparency. And it doesn’t make sense that Crawford and Spence won’t make big PPV numbers because they could easily sell out any Las Vegas venue in a matter of hours. I also have my suspicions that Al Haymon may have advised Spence not to lose his undefeated record and try to fight Canelo – he called Canelo out, and not kidding.

Crawford has fans in Europe and Latin countries since he is a popular figure in the boxing community and is always at the top of most Pound for Pound lists, whether you believe it or not. Spence will do better PPV numbers than any boxer in the 154lb division, including Jermall Charlo, who are friends, and it will be difficult for them to trade skin in the ring. But I’m not sure Crawford’s PPV numbers against Spence would be any better if Spence fought Canelo, and it makes sense.

As Yahoo sports analyst Kevin Lole said in January 2022, “It’s not like Spence is the next Floyd Mayweather or Mike Tyson in terms of selling pay-per-views. Neither guy cares enough to do the job.” newspaper and the necessary exposure to put a large amount on the payment.”

And even Tim Smith of the New York Times said of Crawford, “Nobody wants to make him an insulting offer.” This is a bit predictable in itself, as Spence gave a non-guaranteed split to Crawford, unlike his contracts with Mikey Garcia and Danny Garcia, who were no bigger than a fight with Bud.

Spence now has to show the boxing fans that he really isn’t pushing Crawford by fighting Jaron Ennis, and his father, Bozy Ennis, said after filing a complaint with the IBF. IBF,” Bozy Ennis to YSM Sports Media.

And if that wasn’t enough, Bozy defended Crawford by picking David Avanesyan, WBO at #6, saying “The only difference with this one is Boots is mandatory,” said Bozy Ennis. “The other person is not mandatory. It’s just #1. Just like with the IBF, Ortiz is #1 with the WBO,” explaining that Crawford won’t duck Ennis, but Spence will.

At this point, Spence has four options. Either he makes history and it becomes a no-dispute fight with Crawford; either defend his title against Jaron Ennis or fight Emaniantas Stanionis. If he fights Stanionis, it is clearly a duck move since Stanionis himself ducked the fight with Ennis, and it will not make sense for the PBC.

If he moves up to 154lb, he will also duck Ennis and Crawford, confirming Hearn’s prediction and my prediction that he doesn’t want to risk losing his undefeated record with a boxer that elite fighters have avoided for years.

Unfortunately, Spence’s fans couldn’t defend him anymore, and his team didn’t respond to any of my emails or calls to confirm the validity of all the information thrown at him, which is already a bad sign. I think the plan is to fight Canelo, and time will tell for the fans.

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