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It takes a special fighter to travel to the other side of the world in search of unspeakable boxing glory.

And it takes something even to come back a second time to put the lightweight championship on the line again.

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But Devin Haney did it all at just 23 years old.

Haney’s first fight with Kambosos was as dominant as he could have asked for, defeating ‘Ferocious’ with a metronomic jab for 12 rounds.

The second meeting between the pair was equally dominant on the undercard, but by his own admission, Haney proved that he was “the perfect fighter”.

“That I showed my jab, I showed my right hand, I showed my hook, I showed my whole ring, I showed everything,” Haney said at the post-fight press conference.

“I’ve shown that I’m a complete fighter and there’s no way you can beat Devin Haney or there’s no one style I can beat you.”

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For Kambosos Jr., there is little he can do to stop ‘The Dream’.

The 29-year-old came flying out of the fence in the first round, switching between southpaw and right-hander in an attempt to throw Haney off his game.

But Haney adjusted almost immediately without any guidance from his father, Bill.

It is a sign of his ability to win and something that Kambosos Jr. he just couldn’t answer.

Kambos Jr. “This guy is a pound, this guy is a hell of a fighter,” Kambosos Jr. said.

“I don’t know how long he is 135 years old [pounds]. He’s big, he’s big, he’s big, man.”

Jin Kambosos Jr. calling it “pound-for-pounder” will be music to Haney’s ears as he eagerly awaits the next update of The Ring magazine’s pound-for-pound series.

Haney pulled off a major upset when his name was not announced on the roster after defeating Kambosos Jr. in June, with Vasily Lomachenko in tenth place even though he is not the king of heavyweights.

But with a second win over ‘Ferocious’ at the show the world has witnessed, Haney believes his credentials will no longer be questioned by those involved in making the list.

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“They say pound for pound it’s not just a win or anything, it’s a skill set,” Haney said.

“I showed that I have all the skills, I am a good fighter, I can do everything. And I am the youngest boxing champion in the world.

“All of this speaks for itself and if I wasn’t on the pound for pound before, I definitely should be now.”

However, one ranking Haney may not be in for a long time is at 135 pounds.

Haney admits that lightweight is not an “easy class” to do and as he gets older, DiBella expects ‘The Dream’ to “get stronger at 25, 26 27”.

It’s inevitable he’ll move up to 140 pounds but it’s just a question of when that happens.

But Haney still has business to take care of before he makes the leap, as fights with Lomachenko, Ryan Garcia or Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis can wait.

“Like I said, 135 is not easy for me to do,” Haney said.

“It requires a lot of dedication and training, but I will go back and talk to my team.

“It’s a lot of big fights at 135, a lot of money at 135 so we’ll see what’s next but it’s possible for me to stay.”

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With all that Haney has accomplished in his young career, the discussion surrounding him is divided between how good he is now and how good he could be.

Former world champion Mickey Bey said that Haney dreams of being at “Mayweather’s level”, a lofty ambition.

But Lou DiBella’s concession proves that it is not as far off as the world might think.

“When we watch fights sometimes, and you watch Mayweather and he quietly destroys people and beats their spirits and wins almost every round and people go, ‘Oh, that’s interesting, DiBella said.

“But here’s the truth, you also saw this tonight. When you talk to a guy like that, when you open up against a guy like Floyd, one of the best touches, when you open up against a guy like Shakur Stevenson who’s the type of boxer that’s almost perfect, you open yourself up . beat them.

“Tonight, George came in knowing he had to get the fans, he had to entertain the Australian people. He knew he was going to go up a storm, and he did that, which is a credit to him.

“But you also see what happens when he has a guy coming up to him and he wants to throw caution to the wind.

“He hurt him a lot and hit him, and that’s the size of a guy like that and the size of Floyd Mayweather. Notice I’m using them in one breath and that’s not accidental.”


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