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By Allan Fox: Deontay Wilder has said he would like to fight IBF, WBA & WBO heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk next if the fight is available to him if things go well in his fight against Robert Helenius this Saturday, October 15.

Former WBC champion Wilder stated that “whenever” Usyk is ready, he will challenge him for his title. This would be an interesting alternative to Usyk in early 2023 if Fury is unavailable for any reason.

Fury could continue to lick the injury from his Dec. 3 title defense against Derek Chisora ​​and not be ready to fight Usyk for the undisputed title in February or March. In this case, Wilder will be Usyk’s main opponent to face next.

Some would argue that the smartest move for Usyk would be to fight Wilder first and then look towards a no-dispute clash with Fury if he wins the Bronze Bomber.

Ultimately there is more money in it for Usyk by fighting Wilder first and then Fury. Yes, it is risky for Usyk to face Wilder, but the same risk would be with him fighting the 6’9″ Fury again.

It’s hard to say which of the two fights will make more money for Usyk because Wilder has lost his last two fights but he’s still very popular. As for Fury, his fans are gathered in the UK, and he does not have a name in America like Wilder and Anthony Joshua.

Wilder (42-2-1, 41 KOs) said his plan is to whoop Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs) and give former unification champion Andy Ruiz Jr. a fight.

If I had a choice, of course, I would go with Usyk. I’ll go with Usyk, whoop Usyk and give Ruiz a title shot. That’s how it will work. Who wouldn’t?” Deontay Wilder told The Good Fight with Kate Abdo when asked if he would be interested in facing heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk next.

“We’re in this business to get big and collect belts. So if you find a champion that gives you the opportunity to collect belts, why don’t you deny it unless you’re ready?

“The people I have heard will refuse to accept the title are the ones who are not ready. The thing is, if you prepare yourself to prepare, you don’t have to prepare.

“I like him more as a cruiserweight as far as movement and other things,” Wilder said when asked about his thoughts on Usyk. “As a heavyweight, I think it’s good. It is good as a heavy weight. Again, I like him better as a cruiserweight. I’m the only one here.

“I respect him as a fighter and as a human being. I hear a lot of great things about it. I’ve never heard anything bad about him, and I can judge him from the outside looking in. I have some close people around him who say great things about him.

“I have only good things, and like I said, in boxing, I prefer him at cruiserweight. Whenever he is ready. I have no time to waste,“said Wilder when asked when he would be available to fight Oleksandr Usyk after the Helenius fight.

“I don’t think he wants to be too long. And I, why wait? Whenever he is ready, I will be ready. Of course,” Deontay said when asked if he could get the fight he wanted by asking his bosses.

“Being with Al Haymon, he will advise you on some things and how he feels, if the fight is good or not, but the main decision is up to you, especially his top players. He will give you a chance.

“I’ll come to him and say, ‘I want this guy,’ and he’ll make it happen. No matter what, he’ll make it happen. Some fighters might take a little more time than others because of conversations and things like that.

“Some people may feel they deserve more than what’s being offered, and then you have to go into discussions and things like that. Conversations always take the longest.

“All fighters want to fight each other, and some of them want to make sure the terms are right. Some of them put themselves first over other things. It’s very complicated when you’re dealing with the boxing business. But most of all you want, Al will give it to you,” said Wilder.

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