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A video of Deontay Wilder being discredited and possibly “beaten” by Harry Sconiers in 2010 has disappeared from existence, WBN has learned.

World Boxing News has more information on when Wilder officially stepped down in his career before Tyson Fury.

It was Sconiers who planted “The Bronze Bomber” in their 2010 tournament, an image that fans accused his former employers of burying.

WBN has now discovered that many of the links to the database have been removed from social media sites either intentionally or unintentionally. This shamelessness led to the possibility of admitting the allegations.

In the second round, it was reported that Wilder was later “saved by the bell” after hitting the draw.

Where is the tape of Deontay Wilder vs Harry Sconiers?

Wilder was also held down for “more than ten seconds,” according to witnesses at Indio’s Fantasy Springs Casino. In addition, WBN has also learned that several fans claimed to have seen the video of Wilder vs Sconiers during the event.

Many comments suggested that Sconiers should have won the penalty shootout.

The fight took place under the card of the older brother of the featherweight, Eloy Perez, and Dominic Salcido. It is an event organized by Golden Boy Promotions.

As with most shows of the era, not all fights were televised. This blackout is due to an agreement with another promoter, Thompson Boxing.

But WBN can reveal that Wilder vs. Sconiers were played in the field. Also, that video evidence of the fight is somewhere else, and it’s here.

Knockdown photo

Solo Boxeo, which has the Mexican TV rights, just decided to catch the main event. Even when contacting Fantasy Springs [the venue for the contest] directly, they can only provide images, not audio or visual.

But of the images provided by Fantasy Springs, the only image of Wilder on canvas is not in the collection. Nor is it on the Fantasy Springs Flickr account where all the photos are stored.

Golden Boy, Oscar De La Hoya, or someone else in the ring should explain where the four-round win is stored.

In the end, Deontay Wilder did what he always did at the time and got to stand up for himself. However, the debate continues about the census that was debated.

Despite Wilder dropping Sconiers four times in the fight, there will always be a question mark about the validity of the victory until the evidence comes.

Wilder can get a copy so he can quickly dispel any conspiracy theories.

Having question marks over what turned out to be an easy win won’t help matters. Those who continue to declare the Sconiers as the true winners on this night will continue to beat their drums.

The controversy follows Wilder’s own grudge against Fury’s second loss.

Wilder endurance story

Another big question is Wilder’s ability to take punches – which he had in his fight against Fury. In the end, it was just a myth.

The pre-fight notes that “not only does Wilder have a big punch, he can also recover quickly,” – one of the catchphrases presented in the build-up to Fury vs Wilder II.

Now confirmed at least four times between 2010 and 2012, Wilder is in trouble, whether in pro fights or sparring.

Dustin Nichols, Harry Sconiers, David Haye, and Wladimir Klitschko have the Tuscaloosa native either down or injured.

You’d think “Gypsy King” Fury would be proud to mention that at a press conference. But not one lesson in the three fights.

Of course, this isn’t Deontay Wilder’s fault, either. If the video isn’t good enough, that’s not his problem.

At this point, it would be best to let the fans and the media make up their own minds.

Furthermore, Golden Boy is not involved with Wilder, so we can only wonder if we will ever see this tape.

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