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The famous Indonesian player Defry Palulu came out to express his opinion about the actions of the Filipino player Charly Suarez in the recent past, hoping that his words will lead him to a match against the champion of the Philippines.

Suarez has already built a reputation as the most skilled and outcast player in Asia, with three gold medals at the South Asian Games and victories over boxers such as Oscar Valdez and Joe Cordina, as well as his highlight reel against Vastl Lomachenko. as a 21-year-old wounded in the fans – adulation is right!

Defry Palulu is a hard hitting southpaw with a record of 25 and 2, and has only had one loss in the last 9 years. The loss was a controversial one in short, a decision loss that later laid the proud fighter down for rematches.

Palulu is highly regarded in Indonesia, and is ranked as one of the country’s best since Chris John’s era.

The heavyweight champion was scheduled to defend his WBC regional belt in 2020, but was later pulled due to his inability to do so during the country’s lockdown. Ironically, his listed opponent was a footballer by the name of Charly Suarez, and this clearly left Palulu upset.

At the time, it was widely announced in the media that Palulu had the confidence to destroy the pro-Suares in three fights, and to this day, he is still optimistic about this task:

“Charly Suarez has done very well in his career so far, but I feel that I am stronger now than I was back in 2020, and I know that he has not yet fought anyone who is capable. I feel that he is the best beauty in Asia is 130, some say even in the world, but I am confident that I have the ability to hurt him and reduce his fast hands.

I’ve been with a lot of traditional boxers in the past, and it always ends the same way for them!” Warn the man nicknamed “House of the Unseen” !!

Commenting on Suarez’s WBA title win in Manila last weekend, Palulu was respectful yet unconscious:

“Many people were happy with the fight between Magali and Suarez.

Magali is a beast for sure, but he is slow, he spends the night following Suarez. It’s a good performance from Charly Suarez, but all I saw was a fan of dancing with slow fighters!

Magali could not cut the ring, and Suarez was on the bike.

I’ve watched a few of his fights now and there’s been no improvement – the guy has no power, so I don’t see how he can compete with top 10 fighters.”

“Now I’ve had three fights since the lockout, and I know I’m better than I was before.

I am looking for the title that Suarez is doing, but I really don’t know how he will be taken seriously in the world if he refuses to fight me.

He doesn’t have the tools to get away from me, he can’t hurt me, and he definitely can’t outrun me.”

“I am aware that I am on the list of fighters who will fight for the IBF title in December with Suarez, and if he really wants to become a world champion, then take me – as I am his ticket.” From what I’ve heard, no one wants any part of Suarez, Australian, Japanese or even American. And from what I’ve seen, I’m the only person who calls a fan out, to expose him in high positions!

But I will predict that, based on what I have seen recently with Suarez, I will not only destroy his hopes of winning the World Cup, I will do him a lot of damage to his body as well.”

The Grand Ho Tram will host an international event in Vietnam on December 10, which will showcase number one fighters from different countries, and the WBO and IBF matches will headline.

Charly Suarez will fight for the IBF Asia 130 title against his opponent soon.

The show will be promoted by Vietnam’s Cocky Buffalo and VSP Promotions – two companies that also run boxing and fitness centers in Ho Chi Minh City.

The card will consist of 4 regional belts, and four exhibition contests where top foreign fighters will touch gloves with young champions who love Vietnam.

The event will be held under the supervision of “Boxing Vietnam”, which will be the head of the IBF and WBO title management board.


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