Coach Kiki Leutele has rubbished Huni’s US sparring claims | Biden News

Coach Kiki Leutele has rubbished Huni’s US sparring claims

 | Biden News


Coach Kiki Leutele Isaac Peach labeled Justis Huni’s account of hurting partners in America as “sad.”

Huni takes on New Zealand’s Leutele Leutele (8-1-2), for the WBO Oriental, IBF Pan Pacific and WBC OPBF titles, at Brisbane’s Nissan Arena on Friday November 4, in a fight that has long been coming to Kiwi.

Huni told Wide World of Sports about his success in America recently, where he spent over a month training in West Hollywood with Australian coach Justin Fortune, who has worked with the likes of Manny Pacquiao, Mike Tyson and James Toney in the past.

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The 6-0 heavyweight impressed in sparring with WBC’s No.3 ranked heavyweight Frank Sanchez, with sources telling WWOS that Huni left the rest of the fight with cracked ribs.

“Who gives?” Peach told Wide World of Sports. “Jerome Pampellone (fighter in Peach stable) went to Australia to spar Jai Opetaia and broke his ribs, but (Huni promotor) Dean (Lonergan) doesn’t want to talk about it? Everything they say is full of shit.

“Frank Sanchez is just a boxer. He’s not an athlete. Who is Frank Sanchez? Who cares? We can’t give a f—.

“They think their shirk doesn’t smell, all they talk about is what they do in America.

“Mate, I went to America with my other children, it’s all nonsense. We trained the old stuff and we’re going to take out Justis.”

Huni was originally scheduled to face Leutele in the main event of the IBF fight between Jai Opetaia and Mairis Briedis, but was prevented by COVID.

However, despite the signed contract, Huni fought Joe Goodall, leaving Leutele in a state of uncertainty.

Leutele has only fought once this year – a second-round TKO win over Lui Te’o – but Peach believes the disrespect shown by Huni’s team boosted his confidence during the camp.

“He signed the contract but didn’t fight, it’s really difficult. He lives in my house a lot. He lives in Napier and it’s about an hour’s train to the gym. He stayed with me Tuesday – Saturday and then he got up and came back to see his children.

“We got some help with air travel with a sponsor but not perfect. It’s difficult for his whole family with his wife trying to work but she has a new baby, so it’s very bloody for him to win the war, there are many reasons behind it.”

Peach said that the way his fighter was treated, he will eventually come back to bite Huni.

“I was at Justis’ camp with one of my fighters. I know what Justis is going through, and the one thing about Justis is, he’s a little weak, he’s weak, so we’re going to bring our best out there. And they hit him,” said Peach.

“There is a lot of hype surrounding Justis, a lot of news and that is good but we are the right people to prove them wrong.

“They’ve been ignoring Kiki all year, looking at us. All they can talk about is their American partners.

“We have planned a war. If Kiki hits him, it will be karma.”

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