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Claressa Shields owes something to Savannah Marshall, in a sense.

The grueling rivalry between the two fighters has only gotten worse since Marshall defeated Shields in the tournament a decade ago.

Even now the shields who lost in the boxing match, the loss inspired her. She then went on to win two Olympic gold medals, multiple world championships and, on Saturday, straight away Sky Sportshe fought Marshall for the world middleweight championship.

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Claressa Shields and Savannah Marshall will fight for the undisputed middleweight title at the O2 Arena on October 15, live on Sky Sports

“The failure that was done to her put a different fire in me, the fire that will train her more, the fire that will not leave her in the hands of the judges,” said Garkuwan. Sky Sports.

“When I came back to the gym after sleeping for like a week or so, when I started training I just pushed myself so hard, I almost killed myself, the way I ran, the way I pushed my body. How much, in the two months before the olympics, i put myself in some things and it’s all just to be champion if i fight her again, i will take her out, that’s why i put in this hard work.

“Therefore, loss is definitely necessary for me, but sometimes God makes things go in a different way, which is good for me because now God has doubled down and said, ‘Hey, I found you, I know they have returned me.'” you have a robbery. in the afternoon but I am planning to set you up where it will be a hundred times bigger than the one at that time and you will repay the sweet how do you love me now? And I said to God, ‘I love you for that, thank you!’

Shield is so far away that she doesn’t see the loss of her lover as even fair.

“Nobody around me or anyone I’m close to, the coaches, nobody who saw the fight between me and Savannah Marshall thought I lost. We all knew it was a robbery. She knew it was a robbery. They did it. It was good for her,” said the American.

She’s not worried though about judging at the O2 next week. “I don’t care about no judges, I don’t care about anything,” she said.

“I don’t have a problem with that, if the fight is 10 rounds I will win on points, if I beat her, I will take her out, I don’t care about bad decisions or what, I know that God brought me here’s a reason, and he’ll be with me in the ring when I’m fighting.

“I hope to give her the best Claressa Shield she can get.”

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Barry Jones believes that Claressa Shields and Savannah Marshall will both be adversely affected by the delay of their fight, which takes place on October 15, while Delicious Orie can’t wait for a historic night in women’s boxing.

Even if she loses this fight, the Shields are sure that they will not diminish what she has already achieved. Her legacy, the American was sure, had already been established.

“It can’t take away from what I’ve achieved. Being a three-time world champion, two times is not in dispute. [previously at super-welter and middleweight]. No, I am not worried about anything that will be taken from me,” said Garkuwan.

“I’m going to go in there and show why I call myself GWOAT [Greatest Woman of All-Time] but the reason why some people consider me like that is because I surprise myself sometimes.”

Although Shields added, “It’s an exciting time. Every fight is exciting for me. I have something to prove every fight. To prove that, one, Savannah Marshall He can’t just come in here and walk on me, that’s the first thing to do. Second, come up with a decision to win and third show the prowess of women’s boxing.

“So it all makes sense to me.”

All tickets purchased for the original Shields vs Marshall date remain valid until October 15. Make no mistake, last tickets can be purchased at


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