Boxing: Saul Canelo Alvarez has come out of surgery on his left hand in good shape, his daughter has given him the details for his recovery. | Biden News


Saul Canelo Alvarez he had surgery on his left hand to repair an old wound he had been suffering from since before the war Dmitry Bivol last May.

The Mexican has always suffered from training problems, even in the fights that gave him pain when he hit his opponents. However, after losing to Bivol and losing Gennady GolovkinThe champion explained that pain is not an excuse for his poor performance.

Canelo came out of surgery very well

Canelo is recovering from left hand surgery@Canelo

ESPN reported that Canelo’s The team said his left wrist was not broken, but the injury required surgery. Alvarez underwent surgery in Los Angeles, luckily everything went off without a hitch.

Canelo he posted a video on social media where he showed a bandage on his hand, in which there is a lion stuffed with a bandage on his left hand, it was a gift given to him by one of his daughters. The boxer took the gift with love and humor.

When will Canelo return to the ring?

Before the surgery, it was predicted that Canelo Alvarez he will be out of the ring for a year, because he will not be able to hit, however, since it is not a fracture, the time to return can be fast.

Canelo varez with his daughter Emily celebrating her birthday

Canelo must have his wrist immobilized for three weeks, after which time he will not be able to make sudden movements. Canelo He always fights in the months of May and September, with a good recovery we can see Mexico back in the ring Cinco de Mayo weekend.


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