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By Vince Writer: On the Vasily Lomachenko-Jamaine Ortiz card, Muhammad Ali’s grandson, 22-year-old Nico Ali Walsh continued his boxing journey with a unanimous decision win over Billy Wagner (5-3, 1 KO) at the Arena Hulu broadcast at Madison Square Garden. .

Credit: Mikey Williams (Highlights via Getty Images)

Ali Walsh began to move quickly by using a thick uppercut to the body and head of his opponent. He was also able to land some hits and control the pace of the first round. Ali Walsh closed out the opening round by landing a left hook that opened a cut on the bridge of Wagner’s nose.

After feeling the power of Ali Walsh, Billy Wagner started the second round in reverse as he spent most of the round fighting on his back leg. When Wagner finally decided to stay down in the final seconds of the round, he was able to floor Ali Walsh with a powerful right hand.

The third round was a good round for Wagner as he was able to earn a bonus. During the third round, Wagner hit Ali Walsh with a 1-2 combination several times. Ali Walsh’s attack has become a sensation and shows a bad habit of putting himself on the line.

The fourth round was a closely contested round as both fighters were able to dominate. Ali Walsh was able to close out the round by landing a big left hook, and a shot.

The left hook continued to be good for Ali Walsh as he was able to land some left shots in both the fifth and sixth rounds. At the end of the sixth round, Ali Walsh won a unanimous decision.

The High Level position was pretty good during the first two rounds, but it was a bit difficult in the third and fourth. But Ali Walsh showed his ability to make amends as he closed the distance and attacked Wagner’s body in the last two rounds.

Nico Ali Walsh (7-0, 5 KOs) is a young boxer who trains hard and is a student of the game. He is in the early stages of his professional boxing career, but has shown great growth, and continues to add to his arsenal every time he steps into the ring.


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