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By Ken Hisner: At the Fabriksporthalle, Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany on Saturday on ESPN+ promoter Wasserman Boxing and Nisse Sauerland presented in the main event for the IBO Light Heavyweight title both undefeated boxers Leon Bunn of Germany lost three times , and was finally thwarted by Padraig of Ireland. Hammer” McCrory in the sixth round.

In the Main Event IBF International Champ Leon Bunn, 18-1 (9), #174.25, of Frankfurt, Hessen, GER, was stopped by Padraig “The Hammer” McCrory, 15-0 (9), #174, of Belfast, No. Ireland, UK, at 1:58 of the sixth round of the 12 round IBO light heavyweight championship.

In the first round, McCrory fought back from the British for the first time, easily taking a round from Bunn’s slow opener. McCrory went from orthodox to southpaw at times with his left to his side open but had little return from Bunn.

In the second round, after a minute, Bunn drew blood from McCrory’s nose which seemed to boost his energy. He dropped Bunn with a big left to the head for an 8 count from Referee Joerg Milke, who did a bad job throughout. He separated them for what seemed like no reason at one point with McCrory on the offense.

In the third round, Bunn was better-throwing punches suffering from a wound under his right eye and took a left and a right. In the fourth round, McCrory couldn’t seem to get rid of Bunn, even though he was doing it easily.

In the sixth round, a right from McCrory on the knee dropped Bunn for an 8 count and the referee waved him off.

Super Feather 2021 Olympian Kurt Walker, 4-0 (1), #128.75, of Lisburn, No. Ireland, UK, defeated Yin Caicedo, 6-5-3 (2), #126, of Cali, COL, over 6 spirited rounds.

In the first round, Walker scored 94-35 in the players who lost to the silver player Duke Ragan, now 7-0, Walker won, but Caicedo hit with a penalty kick.

In the second round, Caicedo rocked Walker with a right to the chin that killed him at midnight. He went around. In the third, both have their moments. Walker has a slight edge.

In the fourth round, Walker had a jab in his face all round with some body rights. It was a great round for Walker.

In the fifth round, Caicedo came out throwing wild punches, but at the end of the first minute, Walker took control, backing him up.

In the sixth and final round, Walker said Caicedo bit his ear. Since then, Walker has pointed out, he hasn’t been mixing it up much. The replay looks like Caicedo did this but with a mouthpiece without any real damage. Referee Alexander Plummins.

Points 60-54 twice and 59-55, according to the author.
Bantam Bilgenur Aras, 8-1 (5), #119.5, of Turkey based in GER, defeated Oksana “Amazon” Romanova, 10-34-1 (2), #118, of Kyiv, UKR, over 6× 2.

In the first round, the fifty-year-old Romanova, who had lost her last seven bouts, only three stops in her forty-four bouts, was introduced as an opponent to the 26-year-old Aras. Aras did not open until The last twenty seconds with several punches to the chin favors Romanova. In the second and third round, which Aras won, it ended with a right hand right of Romanova at the bell.

In the fourth and fifth round, Aras took out Romanova looking to join. 50 to hang in there. The referee is Joerg Milke
Scores were 59-55 twice and 60-54, according to the author.

Middle southpaw Kieran Molloy, 2-0 (2), #154.5, of Galway, IRE, Sandro Jajanidze, 10-26-2 (8), #158.75, of Tbilisi, GEO, 6 rounds.
In the first two rounds, Molloy had his way driving Jajanidze into the ropes and in the second round, he was unable to follow through. In the third round, Jajanidze landed a right lead and Molloy countered him.

In the third and fourth rounds, Molloy landed multiple 3-punch combinations, taking down Jajanidze’s high defense, who continued to compliment him coming forward, landing the best punch of the half. one minute to the fourth right. on Molloy’s chin.

In the fifth round, Molloy was throwing more punches, looking for a stoppage. In the final seconds, Jajanidze landed three light rights straight on Molloy’s chin. In the sixth and final round of the midway, both had their best exchanges. In the final twenty seconds, Molloy rocked Jajanidze with a big left but couldn’t follow through before the bell. Molloy had a small scar under his left eye at the end.

Molloy has more than 100 amateur fights and a record of 84-19 with victories over unbeaten boxers Paddy Donovan, 9-0, and in the United States against Quinton Randall, 11-0-1, with and the loss of Cuba’s 2012 gold medalist Roniel Iglesias. , 2-0 and 309-44 in the am’s and two to Pat McCormick, 2-0, 77-11 in the morning.

Scores were 59-55, with this writer 60-54. The referee is Bayasgalan Sandag.

Heavy Daniel “Triple D” Dietz, 7-0 (7), #266.75, of GER, stopped Gyorgy Kutasi, 5-16 (3), #215(?), of Paks, Hungary, at 2:43 of the first round of 6 rounds planned.

In the first round, a tall Dietz dropped Kutasi with a right to the hamstring for an 8 count from referee Joerg Milke one minute into the round. Not long after, a big right to the chin from Dietz left Kutasi again for a count of 8. In the last minute, Dietz dropped Kutasi for the third time. As the referee was lifting, a towel was thrown into the ring on Kutasi’s side.

Super Middle Allen Bauer, 2-0 (2), #164, of GER, stopped Renato Balogh, 0-1 (0), #164(?), of Hungary, at 1:33 of the second round of the 4 arranged. round.

In the first round, Bauer landed more punches than punches, with Balogh only returning punches when he was hit. In the second round, a minute later, Balogh landed his first good kick, a right to Bauer’s chin.

Later in the round, Bauer landed several jabs at Balogh’s chin, and after half a dozen unanswered, Balogh turned his back, forcing referee Alexander Plummins to stop.

Middle Ryszard Lewicki, 3-0 (2), #165.5, of POL and MIddlesbrough, UK, defeated southpaw Merab Turkadze, 6-18-1 (2), #163.25, of Kutaisi, GEO, 4 rounds.

In the first three rounds, Lewicki easily won against Turkadze without any offense. In the fourth and final round, Lewicki continued to back him to the ropes, where Turkadze was showing disgust. Unfortunately, Lewick threw him on the canvas after the bell and should have been penalized for this but wasn’t. After the decision, Turkadze showed great athleticism after hearing that the decision was appreciated.
Scores were 60-54.
The German speaking ring announcers didn’t weigh in or from where the fighters were known with a little help from the ring commentator. Even Box Rec doesn’t have any more information than this report.

Some countermeasures were unannounced estimates. There is a lot of time between fights.


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