Boxing: Jake Paul calls Tyson Fury ap*ssy: He’s kidding, can he take down the English boxer? | Biden News


Days before fighting Anderson Silva, Jake Paul call for Tyson Fury after uploading video using fat suit.

YouTuber Jake Paul he states that he “moves towards the weight ratio“to fight his brother from another mother. Tyson Fury.

A chance to witness a fight between Jake Paul and Tyson Fury they are almost non-existent. However, Paul didn’t mind calling Fury a “vagina”after showing a big fake belly.

Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva

Jake Paul will face the UFC, Anderson Silvto come October 29.

The Troubled Boy warned all of Silva’s traitors that despite his respect for Silva, he was ready to win the fight.

Jake Paul mentioned to TMZ that the bettors should trust him with their money on Anderson Silva, and everyone else Bet with Paul they may lose their money.

“You shouldn’t do it. You should invest in something else,” Paul told TMZ. “I took this man out, I promised everyone that.” Jake Paul also commented that the fight will end in five rounds.

“Go back to that interview, everybody, after the war, and they’ll say, ‘Wow, he predicted the future,'” he said. “I have a crystal ball in my room, and I can see.”

Tyson Fury vs. Derek Chisora

The fight between Fury and Chisora will be done there Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

The place has potential 62,800 fans. This is not a count of people who can participate in the field level.

Boxing fans have been reacting differently to the news of the fight between Tyson Fury same to you Derek Chisora.

Fury and Chisora ​​will face each other the third time in their careersand fans do not know how Tyson Fury won without hesitation and Chisora. But Fury had no choice after Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk – injured – refused to fight him.


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