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By Chris Williams: Terence Crawford’s former promoter Bob Arum of Top Rank believes the Nebraska native’s lack of a promoter is the reason his fight negotiations with Errol Spence Jr fell apart.

Arum said that if he was still Crawford’s promoter, he would have sat down with Spence’s promoter Al Haymon and made a deal. But given that Crawford did not have a promoter, that could not happen.

Instead, Crawford (38-0, 29 KIs0) will defend his WBO welterweight title against David Avanesyan on December 10 on BLK Prime Pay-per-view at CHI Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska.

Arum said he’s never heard of BLK Prime, but if Crawford’s eight-figure purse is real, he’s happy for him.

Many boxing fans are asking whether Crawford will get such a bag in reality, as he has not proven himself as an attraction, and his opponent, 34-year-old Avanesyan (29-3-1, 17 KOs), isn’t not popular in America.

Even though the PPV is said to be low, this is still a lot of money for Crawford to easily defend the title. Even if Crawford is fighting Keith Thurman or Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis, getting an eight-figure purse for those fights would be huge.

“PBC did a great job with Errol Spence, and Crawford was left without a promoter. So, It was difficult for Al Haymon to make this fight between Spence and Crawford, who did not have a promoter,” Bob Arum told Fighthype about the failed negotiations between IBF/WBA/WBC champion Errol Spence Jr and WBO belt holder Terence Crawford.

“What would have happened in the beginning if we were promoting Crawford, we would have stayed with Al, with the way we did with Pacquiao & Mayweather, the way we did with Wilder-Fury, and implemented the promotional agreements that they made. it should be done in order to fight with the magnitude of this.

“When Terence’s contract was with us, and he decided to cut the relationship, he was left in the ring without a promoter. So it was difficult for Al to get two fighters on the same road. Therefore, the fight was broken.

“I don’t blame Al, I don’t blame Errol Spence, and I don’t blame Terence. It’s very difficult when one person has a promoter and the other doesn’t.

“We are not blaming anyone. Terence chose not to continue his relationship with Top Rank. If he’s going to go with a big promoter, who sits down with Al to try to make the fight, it’s definitely going to happen.

“So instead, Spence and Crawford will go on their merry way, and maybe when the fight is over the sell-side, they’ll get together and do this fight like we did Mayweather & Pacquiao after all the back and forth. .

“As long as he doesn’t say it’s coming from us, who’s going to argue,” Arum said when asked about his thoughts on Crawford getting the eight-figure purse to fight David Avanesyan on the BLK Prime PPV on the 10th for December.

“If someone comes and gives him the eighth day to fight with David, they will be stronger.” But I don’t know anything about these people or what they are going through. Of course, it’s a big score for him, if it turns out to be true,” Arum said of Crawford.

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