Billy Dib Reveals Cancer Battle, Recovering After Tumor Removal | Biden News


Former world champion Billy Dib, 37, revealed to his followers that he has cancer.

Six years ago, Dib lost his first wife to leukemia. The boxer is remarried and has a young child.

Last week, Dib suffered severe abdominal pain, which took him to the hospital. He was initially given painkillers and released. Later, a different doctor diagnosed the cancer.

The boxer has already been operated on, and all of them have been removed.

“Despite sharing the ring with some of the most dangerous opponents in my career, this is one of the scariest situations I’ve ever found myself in,” Dib wrote in a Facebook post.

“I am very grateful that they took my illness seriously and together with my brother Mohammad and Dr. Pham, I am grateful that they took the step that saved my life, I am currently recovering from the surgery that was done to me and it was serious. They haven’t been able to eat for the last 9 days and I’m thinking of going back to the featherweight division (joke).”

Dib (48-6, 27 KOs) held the IBO super featherweight title in 2008 and the IBF featherweight belt in 2011.

He has won three fights in a row since losing to Amir Khan in 2019.

In March, he defeated undefeated Jacob Ng by disqualification.

Dib is currently recovering from a tumor removal and at this point he doesn’t know what the future holds.

“They cut it, they said they got it but I’m in recovery and it’s tough,” Dib told Wide World of Sports.

“Who knows what God has in store for me, the pain is behind my gallbladder, now I’m lying down, I don’t know if I need chemo in the future, they removed the tumor but they want to test it and see what kind of cancer it is and if it will spread”.


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