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Star player Adam Azim is enjoying the toughest test of his young talent yet when he headlines a rare Sunday bill against Rylan Charlton on November 27.

The 20-year-old went 6-0 unbeaten on the back of a five-match winning streak as he set his sights on becoming Britain’s youngest ever football champion.

Boxxer CEO and co-founder Ben Shalom previously stressed the difficulty of finding Azim’s opponents has been a major concern early on, while those who have tried to share the ring with him have given little response. it’s not about its speed.

But in Charlton comes a new, welcome, significant challenge during his ascension, with the 30-year-old finishing second in the Coventry Boxxer Championship earlier this year and impressing in the fall of February 2021 for the well-known Florian Marku and welterweight. .

“I am very happy with this fight, I have been waiting for this fight for a long time,” Azim told Sky Sports. “Everything is in time, right? Now November 27th you will see the best of me.

“Rylan Charlton is a great fighter, but you will see my class and IQ on November 27.”

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Adam Azim caught Michel Cabral with vicious body shots and quick head combinations to finish things off in the first round.

Giving his opponent a chance to send a message, Charlton joked “It’s time to test your chin”, prompting Azim to smile as he vowed to speak up in the ring.

Azim said, “He can say whatever he wants.” “Everybody in boxing gets hit, you can’t tell from my sixth fight whether I have a hama or not.”

“You’ll see if I have a chin on the day of the fight, but let’s see if he can hit me first.”

Charlton’s biggest threat comes in his possession, although Azim believes his forward approach can play a role as he prepares to showcase his arsenal.

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Adam and Hassan Azim join Fenners and Jimmy Bullard on Soccer AM, as they discuss how they got into boxing and the influence of Amir Khan.

“He can punch, I’m sure he likes those shots but with me I like guys who throw the right hook or the left hook because I’m really a penalty kicker,” Azim added.

“A lot of people haven’t seen this yet because every fight I’m doing has come up, you’ll see how jealous I am on the day of the fight.

“I’m sure I know what he’s going to do, he can’t box me because he can’t fight, his strength is to come out and put pressure on me.

“Which I don’t mind because I like people who put pressure on me because I’m an attacker. “People saw that I came forward, but I’m better when I come back.

“This is when I can show my full package.”

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Adam Azim shows off his diving skills in front of Jimmy Bullard and Fenners in the Soccer AM show room.

It represents a positive step for Azim as he has seen the brutality, timing and speed-of-fire dominate everything that has been put in front of him so far in his career.

Coach Shane McGuigan has made no secret of his desire to speed up Azim based on his talent, where he has made the expected contribution as one of the most outstanding young fighters in the country.

“I use this (hype) to improve myself in training, and to be motivated,” said Azim. “I’m on my way to become a world champion and for me it’s just to continue to dedicate and continue my career.

“I know that no one trains better than me, many people train hard, but I always talk about boxing, always watch boxing.

“This mess, whoever is talking about me, doesn’t bother me.”

Adam Azim will fight Rylan Charlton as he headlines for the first time on ‘Super Sunday’ live on Sky Sports on November 27; Lerrone Richards vs Zak Chelli, Great Britain’s Mikael Lawal vs Deion Jumah, Hassan Azim and more all on the Alexandra Palace bill.


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