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30 years ago today, on Halloween night in 1992, Lennox Lewis won a spectacular, truly terrifying victory. Facing the dreaded Donovan “Razor” Ruddock in a fight dubbed the “Fight For The Right,” Lewis steps up to face the world’s No. 1 heavyweight. Ruddock, known throughout the world for his crushing power and punches, lost twice to former champion Mike Tyson but pushed Tyson in both fights.

Against his Canadian brother (Lewis, who was born in London, later moved to Canada, with Lennox representing Canada in two Olympics), Razor was viewed by many as dangerous, strong, decent. Instead, the heavyweight division is about to get one shock; amazing arrival.

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Fighting at Earl’s Court, Lewis and Ruddock were fighters with two very different personalities during the introduction to the center of the ring. Lewis was as cold as ice, hardly even blinking, his gaze terrifying. Reza was so jumpy, he couldn’t keep the bag of nerves. Ruddock, had the fight been long, may have been in trouble from endurance, as he was burning so much energy in those heated minutes before the opening bell.

Lewis will soon put Ruddock out of his misery.

Boxing smartly, with complete composure and concentration, Lewis kept Ruddock at bay for the next time. Lewis was as sharp as he was focused and, before the end of the round, he landed a sharp right hand that defeated Razor. The crowd went nuts. Then the bell rang.

Lewis, experienced and professional, finished the job in round 2. Lennox dropped Ruddock for the second time, this one with a combination. Ruddock, almost out of it, came back and tried to fight on instinct. Lewis then hit Ruddock on the canvas a third time, while Ruddock this time left him in the face. The heavy lifting is over and done with.

Ruddock fought back but was no longer such a force. Lewis will suffer incredible hardships on the way but, when he meets Emanuel Steward, Lennox becomes the perfect hero that he appears to be when he scares the daylights out of his weight (one star is so afraid he chooses to wear one). of the world title in following instead of facing Lewis) on Halloween night all those years ago.


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