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Wynonna Judd is currently out on the road honoring her mother Jude’s Farewell Tour.

Her mother, the late, great Naomi Judd and half of the iconic The Judd duo, Tragically passed away Back in April, and it was understandably a very painful and terrifying time for both Naomi’s daughter.

Wynonna made the best decision to honor her mother continue the tour, That was announced before Naomi passed, and she even extended the dates to 2023 with openers like Martina McBride and Ashley McBride.

And Winona recently sat down for an interview with Hoda and Jenna today To talk about the tragedy of this loss and how he’s dealing with everything, especially because of all his grief.

She says it helped her realize that, even though she suffered an unimaginable and heartbreaking tragedy, everyone has a story to share with the world:

“Everyone has a story. Everyone has a story. And just when you think your hell is bigger than anyone else’s, think again. ‘Cause someone else has a story.

Jenna asked her about performing with her mom at the CMT Awards in April of this year, which ended up being their final performance together and the last time Winona saw her mom in person.

He says he’s so grateful the last words he said to Naomi were “I love you” because they had a rocky relationship at times throughout their legendary career:

“It’s weird. It’s really weird. That’s the part that’s weird, ’cause that’s the last time I saw him. And the last thing I said to him was ‘I love you.’ Which I’m thankful for, ’cause that’s not always the case.

And I’m looking at that thinking, it wasn’t supposed to end this way and it did, and what do I do? I have a granddaughter, and I will tell her good things. Because after someone dies, good things start to be remembered.You’re right, aren’t you?

You start to forgive and say, ‘Okay, I can let it go, ’cause now it’s different.’ And I wake up every day, and the glass is half full, and I sometimes used to have that day when you wake up and the glass is half empty and all that.

I think I’m more grateful, ’cause I know it gets so bad ’cause quick. And it’s going fast, isn’t it?”

He also gave a little life advice to people everywhere, and I think it’s a great reminder that, no matter what any of us struggle with, we need to keep it in perspective and give ourselves a break:

“Give yourself a break. Give yourself a break. That’s what I would tell people, if I had something to say.

I would say ‘Give yourself a break today. Because we are doing the best we can with what we have.’ Don’t you think so?”

Amen to that, Wynonna.

It means a little more coming from her, and I’m impressed with how she handles it all and shares her story with her fans.

It’s so important, and I can’t think of a more sincere person who has managed to turn this very sad time in his life into a meaningful and purposeful tool to connect with people around the world.

You can watch his full interview here, it’s definitely worth five minutes of your day:

Here is the above performance of their 1990 hit “Love Can Build a Bridge” At the 2022 CMT Music Awards in April:

Jude’s Farewell Tour Extended Date:

January 26, 2023 – GIANT Center, Hershey, PA
January 28, 2023 – Total Mortgage Arena, Bridgeport, CT
January 29, 2023 – DCU Center, Worcester, MA
February 2, 2023 – BOK Center, Tulsa, OK
February 3, 2023 – T-Mobile Center, Kansas City, MO
February 4, 2023 – Heifetz Arena, St. Louis, MO
February 9, 2023 – CHI Health Center Omaha, Omaha, NE
February 10, 2023 – Vibrant Arena at The Mark, Moline, IL
February 11, 2023 – WSU Nutter Center, Dayton, OH
February 16, 2023 – Bon Secours Wellness Arena, Greenville, SC
February 17, 2023 – EagleBank Arena, Fairfax, VA
February 18, 2023 – Charleston Coliseum, Charleston, WV
February 23, 2023 – EnMarket Arena, Savannah, GA
February 24, 2023 – Amalie Arena, Tampa, FL
February 25, 2023 – Hard Rock Live at Seminole, Hollywood, FL


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