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To many South Africans who got to see Basadi at the Music Awards, the show was nothing short of seamless and spectacular, however, CEO Hloni Modise joined Relebogile Mabotja for failing to unpack what it takes for such a prestigious event.

Modis described the Music Awards as a movement in music but more so a movement that celebrates women behind the scenes – those who work so hard yet are not appreciated.

Modise added that women are under-represented in decision-making in the music industry and that’s why she expanded the Basadi in Music Awards to more than just awards but also workshops like The Business of Music Workshop aimed at addressing the lack of women in positions of power in the industry.

Our lack of education as women crippled us later in the business so it was important to have different programs as a build-up, how we develop and make this change in music.

Hloni Modise – CEO, Basadi Music Awards

Modis added that it was not an easy journey because he felt a lot of frustration near the date, when those who planned to support the movement, he added that industry professionals advised him to postpone the award, yet he remained stable.

There are parts that personally broke me… but we had the support of artists who understood that the show had to happen… and when you hear from different people how it affected their lives, you know it had to happen.

Hloni Modise – CEO, Basadi Music Awards

Mam’Abigail Khubeka who won the Lifetime Award said it was her best event so far…this is the moment we can celebrate them and give them flowers while they are still alive”

Hloni Modise – CEO, Basadi Music Awards

My husband says you always have to show, not what happens to you, what happens to you is what you do…

Hloni Modise – CEO, Basadi Music Awards

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