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Sean Roe, Buggy Jive, Girl Blue, and Joseline and Chris were the big winners at the 4th Annual Capital Region Thomas Edison Music Awards Sunday night at Proctor’s. Each received two awards; A total of 42 plaques were awarded.

Other big winners included WEXT’s Andy Gregory winning DJ of the Year, while WEXT Radio, which broadcasts its weekly local 518 program, won Radio Station of the Year. Nippertown won its fourth Eddies Award for Publication of the Year and their publisher Jim Gilbert also won Photographer of the Year. Carolyn Shapiro won Folk/Traditional Artist of the Year and Best Small Venue for Cafe Lena’s Marketing Manager. And finally, Madeleine Derby won Electronica Artist of the Year and also shared the award for Presenter of the Year with the incredible team at Super Dark Collective.

Rowe won Eddie’s Music Award for Record of the Year for “Squid Tattoo” and Album of the Year for “The Darkness Dressed in Colored Lights”. Girl Blue won Solo or Duo Artist of the Year and Songwriter of the Year. Buggy Jive won RnB/Soul/Funk Artist of the Year and tied for Music Video of the Year for his “Tiptos” with Joseline & Chris’ “Sugar & Spice.” Joseline and Chris also received a Merit Award for their Marathon Couch Concert Series during the pandemic, which featured over 400 virtual shows presented free to their fans.

Eddys founder Jim Murphy (photo by Joe Putrock)

Eddie’s founder/producer Jim Murphy admitted during the show that it’s been a long two years for everyone in the music community, both professionally and personally. “I feel so good now. Our goal tonight – and over time – is to shine as much light into you as possible… and have fun in the process. Let’s celebrate each other.”

The awards show returned to the main stage at Proctors during the pandemic, which included a virtual awards show and a live event at Universal Preservation Hall in Saratoga.

MC Erin Harkes (Photo by Joe Putrock)

Special Merit Awards were given to John Griffiths and DJ Holly8D. Griffith’s Facebook page, Bar People, has supported local musicians and venues since 2016 with a daily regional live music calendar. Mario Johnson – aka DJ Hollyw8d – launched a series of live music shows, More Music Less Violence, to help communities suffering from street violence. health

Award recipient

Solo or Duo Artist of the Year – The girl is blue

Solo or Duo Performer of the Year (Cover) – Tie – Steve Candlen and Rich Ortiz

Party of the Year Cover Band – off the record

Off the Record (Photo by Joe Putrock)

DJ of the Year – Intel Haysfield

Country/Bluegrass Artist of the Year – Jim Gaudet and The Railroad Boys

Country Cover Band of the Year – Skeeter Creek

Americana Artist of the Year- Sara Milnovich and the Daisycutter

Rock/Pop Artist of the Year – Super 400

Super 400 (Photo by Joe Putrock)

Alt/Indie Artist of the Year – The sea is the sea

Folk/Traditional Artiste of the Year – Carolyn Shapiro

Hip Hop/Rap Artist of the Year – JB!! AKA Dirty Moses

Jazz Artist of the Year- Saratoga’s Hot Club

Saratoga’s Hot Club (photo by Joe Putrock)

Punk/Hardcore Artist of the Year – Candy Ambulance

Metal/Hard Rock Artist of the Year – bad mothers

Jam Band of the Year – Let’s be Leonard

Blues Artist of the Year – Mark Tolstrup and Jill Burnham

RnB/Soul/Funk Artist of the Year – Buggy creature

Buggy Tongue (photo by Joe Putrock)

Ye electronica artistr – Madeleine Derby

Classical Artist/Group of the Year – Albany Symphony Orchestra

World Music Artist of the Year- Alex Torres and his Latin Orchestra

Best Venue Small (up to 299 people) – Cafe Lena

Best Venue Medium (300-999 pax) – the egg

Best venues are large (1,000 people or more) – Troy Savings Bank Music Hall

Presenter of the Year- Super Dark Collective

Super Dark Collective (photo by Joe Putrock)

Radio Station of the Year – WEXT

Radio DJ of the Year (Terrestrial or Streaming) – Andy Gregory

Record label of the year – Upstate Records

Live Production Crew of the Year – High Peaks Sound Inc.

Music Recording Studio of the Year – NRS recording

Arts Publication of the Year (Print, TV or New Media) – Nippertown

Jim Gilbert of Nippertown (Photo by Joe Putrock)

Music Journalist of the Year – Tie – Indiana Nash (Daily Gazette) and Liam Sweeney (Experience Monthly)

Music Photographer of the Year- Jim Gilbert

Songwriter of the Year – The girl is blue

Music Video of the Year – Tie – Boggy Jive – “Tiptoos” and Jocelyn & Chris – “Sugar and Spice”

Record of the year – Sean Roe – “Squid Tattoo”

Album of the Year- Sean Roe – “Darkness Embellished with Colored Lights”

Merit Award

John Griffith – Bar People

DJ Hollyw8d – More music, less violence

Jocelyn & Chris – Pandemic Couch Concert Series


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