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As for Parentu, he said the nominations are a testament to the work he’s put into making music despite the difficult past few years for musicians due to Covid-19.

“Still putting out songs on the radio, not giving up what I do for a living and just walking around and saying I’m done. It made me work harder. That’s what I did during covid and that’s why I keep releasing music. Just getting the nomination is enough for me.

Another Prince Albert artist recognized is LJ Tyson, who is up for Aboriginal Artist of the Year and Music Video of the Year for “Home on a Rainbow.”

“This is the first time I have been nominated for a Sask. Music Awards, it’s a great feeling,” she said, adding that being recognized as an indigenous artist and member of the LGBTQ community is even more of an honor.

“A lot of times, it feels like we’re shouting into a void and you don’t really know what’s catching on and if people are paying attention. It gives us a sense of being seen and heard, and I’m part of two of these minority groups, it means a lot to be nominated for an award show like this.”

Another local artist nominated is multi-instrumentalist Patrick Moon Byrd, who is up for Electronic Artist of the Year, Indigenous Artist of the Year and Album of the Year for “Going Through the Motions.”

“It’s absolutely amazing to be honest, I always look at these people that I’ve teamed up with and it’s mind-blowing to be at the level they’re at,” he said.

Crooked Foot (aka BFA Beats) was nominated for Instrumentalist of the Year.

In addition to being honored for their music, these artists say they are proud to represent the city of Prince Albert, which they call home.

“I’m very grateful that Community City has had my back all year and has always celebrated my wind with me,” Tyson said. “I hold PA really close to my heart when I’m recognized like this.”

“I have always been proud of the area I come from. Anytime I’m nominated for anything makes me very proud, especially being from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and I always will,” added Parenteau.

The 2022 Saskatchewan Music Awards returns to in-person celebrations on Dec. 11 at Regina’s Dark Hall after two years of virtual shows.

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