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Taylor Swift His tenth studio album was recently released “Midnight” And US The singer has had many of her fans analyze the lyrics of each of her songs in hopes of finding out who they are about or who inspired them.

The woman claimed to be Taylor Swift’s former high school friend

A woman named Jessica McLane Claimed on him tick tock Post that attended the same high school Taylor Swift and gave his input on the conspiracy theories involved Swiftreveals that “everything Ms. Swift does is intentional”.

“I went to the same high school as Taylor Swift, we grew up in the same town,” McLain, 32, can be heard saying in the video, referring to Hendersonville High School in Tennessee.

He apologized at the beginning of the video for not going into too much detail Taylor Swift And admitted that she recently got involved with the singer.

but McLane I remembered how when Taylor Swift Starting to become quite successful, many of his classmates started to hate him, just as he started homeschooling.

McLane claim Taylor Swift There were songs about old classmates that became huge hits and many people at school started talking rudely about him.

“The boys she was writing these songs about, they were still in school. They were still there. And now they have a hit song about what kind of boyfriend they’re talking about,” she laughed.

to support his claim McLane Another video shows his yearbook and when he is contacted New York Post, He stands by the claims made in his TikTok video.

He said that in 2009, Taylor Swift The entire senior class of high school is invited 2009 Country Music Association Awardswhere Swift Received the Entertainer of the Year award at the age of 19, the youngest artist ever to do so.

McLane Explain that Swift It took years of planning ahead and waiting three years to invite his classmates to an award show that featured him as a hero and complimented him for doing so.

“All in all, she invited us to the CMAs to fk you, and we deserve it. So to Taylor: touch, that was a good one.”


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