Lizzo criticized for dressing up as rapper Blueface’s girlfriend for Halloween | Biden News

Lizzo criticized for dressing up as rapper Blueface’s girlfriend for Halloween

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Lizo’s Halloween costume has created quite a stir among critics…

But he hit back at the troll!

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Lizzo’s third studio album, because i love youA total masterpiece.

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But it’s not just her great music that has made Lizzo such a legion of fans.

there so More to the stars…

For one thing, he’s totally unique.

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What other plus-size, dance-trained, hip-hop artist plays flute on almost all of her songs?

Truly, Lizzo is one of a kind.

But even what more More important than his talent?

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This must be Lizo’s incredible message. All of her songs are designed to inspire self-love and confidence – especially in young women. In a world of problematic messages, she is a true force for good.

Lizzo has dominated the scene for several years.

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Gaining some pretty high-profile fans along the way.

At the BET Awards in 2019, there was one audience member who really lost her mind at Lizo’s performance…

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And at the MTV Video Music Awards that same year, Lizzo produced even more famous fan

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At the VMAs, the audience often went wild for Lizzo — including Queen Latifah.

And by the end of 2019, Lizzo was cemented as a true icon.

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The star was selected as Time’s entertainer of the year. She was recognized for her body positive message, advocacy for self-love, and her “relentlessly positive and impossibly catchy” voice.

It is a truly impressive achievement.

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“Attending a Lizzo concert feels like worshiping in the church of self-love, if your preacher is a pop star living happily in a big black body, delivering a sermon on self-acceptance that’s as candid as it is accessible,” the author, Samantha Irby, writes for Time Magazine.

Lizzo opened up to the magazine about being an advocate for body positivity:

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“I have been making positive music for a long time. Then the culture changed.”

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“Now I see it reaching the mainstream. Suddenly I’m mainstream! How can we predict that something like this will happen when we have never seen anything like it before? the singer told TIME.

And yet, the world’s love for Lizo continues to grow with her success.

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He has been nominated for eleven awards in 2020 Billboard Music Awards and he won one for Top Song Selling Artist.

The same year, he also performed a sold-out show at the Sydney Opera House…

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In the same place he had previously performed as a young flute player.

But it seems that life is not all positive for Lizzo.

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As the singer revealed the struggles she has faced in her life…

In an interview with Rolling Stone, he revealed that he was even temporarily homeless.

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After dropping out of college, Lizzo lived in his car while struggling to make it as a rapper.

He struggled with his self-esteem and was deeply unhappy.

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But when he moved to Minneapolis and entered the local music scene, things began to seriously pick up for the star…

And his luck is impressive!

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It is estimated that he earned $16.5 million from music sales, and an additional $8.8 million from his extensive tours.

But it doesn’t end here…

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He has brand deals with many big companies including Dove, Urban Decay, Absolut Vodka, Google Pixel 6, Logitech, and Quay, which has helped keep his pockets more in line!

And on top of this, there is Yitty.

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Yitty with Fabletics is Lizzo’s shapewear brand, a huge financial success!

Plus, there is Watch out for the Big Grill.

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Liz’s reality show airs on Amazon Prime and even won an Emmy!

Lizzo never fails to put on a show…

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But Lizzo has faced her fair share of trolls in her time.

She wore a rather revealing outfit to Cardi B’s birthday party that had many questioning her level of taste…

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“She needs to respect herself! That’s my main problem. It’s big or small. Women should respect themselves not to show their whole body to everyone,” wrote one.

But Lizzo hit back at the trolls in an Instagram video…

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“It’s so funny to me that people get upset that I’m wearing a see-through dress or that I’m walking around in a see-through dress,” she said, according to Entertainment Tonight.

“Let the people live bro. Let people wear what they want to wear!” she finished.

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And now, Lizo faces the troll once again!

“You can decorate someone who can be offensive — rock lights I love it all lit. Don’t make it weird.” she wrote.

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The reason for all the drama? A Halloween costume!

Blueface’s girlfriend Lizzo dressed up as Cheezian Rock for Halloween…

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But many thought the dress was in bad taste.

“Isn’t that right, that woman is in an abusive relationship, she can dress up as she chooses?” A person wrote.

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“There’s nothing funny about it. Lizzo has to take it with her El Eta.”

Another said: “I rarely look past Lizzo for anything, but this Halloween costume is rubbish, down to the blackened teeth.”

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“That little girl is an abuser in an abusive relationship for all the world to see, and we’re having fun for Halloween?? Do better!” A third was added.

“I love Lizzo but the two of them are clearly in an abusive relationship, if it’s a good look dressed as Chrissie,” said another.

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You can see the controversial outfit here.


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