Twitch Star Shroud Becomes Co-Owner of Computer Building Company MAINGEAR | Biden News

Twitch Star Shroud Becomes Co-Owner of Computer Building Company MAINGEAR

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Top Twitch star and Valorant professional gamer Michael “shroud” Grzesiek has announced that he is now co-owner and advisor to MAINGEAR, a New Jersey based computer building company.

The deal sees Grzesiek become a co-owner of the company and will act as an advisor going forward where he will provide key insights into strategic and business considerations such as component selection, marketing initiatives, community building, as well as retail and business experiences.

The deal also comes as MAINGEAR completes a rebrand, launching new computer lines including some featuring Shroud’s branding. The MG-1: shroud Edition is a high-spec desktop PC, bearing the name of Grzesiek and aimed at his fans and any gamers who need a new system.

While deals like this are incredibly common, almost every major influencer has some sort of computer hardware named after them, it’s unusual for Grzesiek to also take on a role as a co-owner of the company. In recent years we’ve seen major influencers try to diversify their income, and for Grzesiek it seemed like a natural fit for him as he was already using machines built by MAINGEAR.

“First of all, I love this company and their products,” Grzesiek said. “After I ordered my first machine, this became my computer of choice, so there was really no other choice. Once we realized that working together was exciting for both sides, we got to know each other better. I continued to order machines from MAINGEAR and they continued to impress me. My team and I also spent more time with the management team at MAINGEAR and they were helpful and generous every time. As I learned more about their business, I realized that the way I usually work with brands wouldn’t work here: being an independent company in an industry full of multinational giants allows them to stand out with their build quality and customer service, but it also means, that they need to make much more strategic marketing investments. Fortunately Wallace and his team were open to figuring out a structure that made sense, which meant coming in as a co-owner, aligning our motivations, and building together for the future.”

Grzesiek also revealed that he first became aware of MAINGEAR after a conversation with music artist Deadmau5. After the recommendation he tried one of the MAINGEAR products and has been using them ever since. As the two parties began talking about the products he was looking for, Grzesiek became a fan of the team working at the company, and as conversations continued about how they could work together, it became clear that this was an obvious match.

“I’m blessed to be at the point in my career as a creator where I can be very selective about who I work with and in what capacity,” Grzesiek said. “It became clear in our conversations with their team that these guys really care and have built something that’s really impressive, and they wanted me to help take them to the next level, which is an honor. The bottom line is that I want to work with people who believe in me and who stand for values ​​I strive for: performance, quality and fun with games. MAINGEAR represents all three through their brand and product, it made this an easy match.”


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