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Steam Has Updated Its Big Picture Mode With the Steam Deck UI

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Steam’s Big Picture mode on PC will now adopt the specially designed Steam Deck UI.

Valve has announced that its latest update to Big Picture mode will bring the Steam Deck UI to PC and is available now for testing.

“We’re preparing to update Big Picture mode with the new interface we designed for Steam Deck, and today we’re making it available for testing,” they revealed. “This update has been a long time coming, and we’re very excited to start gathering community feedback.”

The controller-first interface was designed specifically for the Steam Deck, but its integration into Steam makes sense – providing greater brand recognition between the Steam Deck and the Steam library on PC.

And it also happens to be a pretty decent interface.

“This controller-first interface was designed for Steam Deck in handheld and docked mode, and is perfect for all the scenarios that the Big Picture mode currently addresses,” they confirmed.

The new Big Picture mode includes:

  • A new Home Screen that highlights recent games and what’s new in your library.
  • New Universal Search that lets you search through your Library, Store, and Friends List.
  • A new Controller Configurator that is designed to let you choose new settings and layouts easily.
  • Optimized Stead Store for controller navigation.
  • Updated in-game overlay giving access to achievements and guides.
  • New System menu for quick navigation to different parts of the new UI.
  • A new Quick Access Menu that lets you access notifications. Friends list, quick settings and more.

According to Valve, the team is “still polishing rough edges” so the new version of Big Picture is currently offered through Steam’s beta program.

Instructions for trying out the new Big Picture mode can be found here.


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