Slapstick VR Game What The Bat? Available Now In Quest, PC VR | Biden News

Slapstick VR Game What The Bat?  Available Now In Quest, PC VR

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Who needs hands when you can have baseball bats?

That opening line from the launch trailer, embedded below, pretty much sums up the What the Bat? perfectly Available today on Quest headsets and PC VR via Steam, this new VR release from indie studio Triband is a hectic follow-up to What the Golf? from 2019.

However, while What the Gulf? was strictly a flat screen thing, What the Bat? it’s quite the opposite – it’s a VR exclusive release. You will play through a series of “absurd” mini-games, with 100 levels across approximately four hours of play time. The developers describe it as a game that “approxsalute you to live as a modern day a bat-girl, shooting, cooking, smashing, swinging, parking, painting, sinning and even cuddling (is a dog).”

We sampled a small portion of the game earlier this year at Gamescom. It was a barrel of laughs with lots of fun mini-games with really crazy premises. It was also quite accessible to VR newbies, with a great diegetic VR design that focuses on immersive interactions as opposed to relying on controller mappings and buttons. Here is an excerpt from our practical:

Anything goes in What the Bat, and all of it is fun. The developers know exactly what kind of game this is and aren’t afraid to double down on the concept to make it as fun as possible. After my demo at Gamescom, I hope the full release can put a smile on anyone’s face, whether it’s their first or hundredth time in VR.

We look forward to jumping into What the Bat? that weekend. Our full review is already in the works – look out for that in the coming days. What the Bat? is available now for Quest, Quest 2 and Quest Pro, along with PC VR headsets via Steam.


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